Murderers left unpunished(1)

Here are  names of war criminals from Visegrad published by Dani magazine  in 2001.  who have not been brought to justice yet. More names will be published soon.

*NOTE: Information shown here may be out-dated.

Niko Vujičić: Pre-war policeman, also known as “Fočak” . “‘Fočak’ () took me upstairs in the hotel. He forced me to take off my clothes. He then forced me to bath with cold water and all the time he repeated : ‘Bath you Turk, bath’.Then he raped me.” Vujičić, like the other high-ranking members of the SDS(Serb Democratic Party),took part in mass rape in the hotel “Vilina Vlas”,where Bosniak women from Visegrad were  imprisoned  for months. Vujičić lives in Višegrad in  street B. Milovanovića 16/1. He used to be a member of the Serb Radical Party.

Duško Andrić: Former director of the hotel “Vilina Vlas”, before and druing the war. Today he is a  penzioner living in Višegrad, in street 15. februara br. 1.

Boško Đurić: Member of the “White Eagles”.  In the middle of June, he and four other armed Serbs, barracaded about 70 Bosniak civilians, mainly women, children and eldarly. They were burned alive. Only five survived.Đurić  today lives in  Višegrad in street Pionirskoj bb, and works as a taxist.

Zoran Tešević: “I was a witness when Zoran Tešević Leka, and three others took  Z.Z. and her mother in law Z.H. to Vilina Vlas.  Both  were  brought back the next day and were told that they will come for them again.  Z.Z and Z.H. said that they were raped.”

Mladen Marković: Took part in the ritual murder of 200 Bosniaks on the two bridges in Višegrad. Only 56 bodies have been found so far and identified. He is a locksmith and lives in the village Kočarim in Višegrad.


3 Responses to “Murderers left unpunished(1)”

  1. David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary, has a blog. He very recently posted a message about rape as a weapon of war referring specifically to British support for a project in Democratic Republic of Congo. I posted a message thanking DM for his commitment to the issue and pointing to the problem of impunity in RS. I saw your message here today about the unpunished Visegrad war criminals including Dusko Andric. I thought it was worthwhile making another comment at DM’s blog pointing to Andric as an example of the perpetrators enjoying apparent immunity. That comment should hopefully appear tomorrow at

    If any of the women you showed at the demonstration on the bridge have access to the internet it might be worthwhile them giving David Miliband an insight into their personal experience by posting a comment. If they are reluctant to identify themselves by name, the blog allows you to use a pseudonym though you have to give an e-mail address (that isn’t published).

  2. visegrad92 Says:

    Hi Owen, thanks for your message. On my blog you can find a link for Zene Zrtve Rata/Women Victims of War, an association of raped women in B&H. They regularly check their email. I will however leave a message on his blog concerning the Visegrad rapes.

  3. Thanks, I’ll pass that on to them.

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