Turks to repair Bridge in a “Turk-free” town

Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Chairman Hakan Fidan next to former Visegrad Mayor Miladin Milicevic, responsible for getting rid of bodies of Bosniaks murdered in Visegrad in 92.

Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Chairman Hakan Fidan next to former Visegrad Mayor Miladin Milicevic(third from right), high-positioned SDS leader during the Visegrad Genocide.

“He then forced me to bath with cold water and all the time he repeated: ‘Bath you Turk, bath’.Then he raped me.” – testimony by a raped Bosniak women.

Two years ago, Turkish Coorperation and Development Agency(TIKA) announced that it would finance the reconstruction of the Mehmed-pasa Sokolovic Bridge in Visegrad.  This was welcomed by the SDS leadership in Visegrad and it’s Mayor Miladin Milicevic.  TIKA Chairman Hakan Fidan, came to Visegrad, met with Visegrad’s Mayor and walked through Visegrad and across the Mehmed-pasa Sokolovic Bridge. Little did he know that Bosniaks not that long ago were murdered on that same stone for being “Turks”(NOTE: Serb Fascists used the term “Turk” for Bosniaks/Bosnian Muslims as a derogated term).  Bosniak women in “Vilina Vlas” and in other rape centers were raped because they were “Turks”.

State Minister Beşir Atalay, accompanied by Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Chairman Hakan Fidan, witnessed some emotional scenes on the Drina (Sokullu Mehmet Pasha) Bridge during a two-day visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbian authorities warmly welcomed the minister with the Turkish flag as he stepped into the Republic of Serbia. While there Atalay noted, “Protection of the heritage left by our ancestors is Turkey’s debt.”

At a press conference in Visegrad, where the Drina Bridge was constructed in 1577, stressing that bridges meant “civilization,” Atalay expressed his belief that the Drina Bridge would again bring people together, generating friendships and new loves. And referring to the city’s Serbian mayor, Atalay added, “Let this bridge cooperation bring what we wished for, and let it strengthen our friendship.” (Source)

The question is why would a SDS leadership after finally getting rid of “Turks”  allow  the “real” Turks to come to Visegrad and repair their Bridge. The answer is simple, Visegrad is a town abandoned by the SNSD leadership(led by Milorad Dodik) in Banja Luka. It’s only way out of the economic situation is through tourism. That is why they will except any possible donation from anyone including the Turks, they hate so much.

One Response to “Turks to repair Bridge in a “Turk-free” town”

  1. Abdul Majid Says:

    I for one will not set a foot in Serb-dominated territory in Bosnia-Herzegovina nor spend as much as one cent there until Bosnia-Herzegovina is reunified and those who committed the genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade have been brought to justice or at least removed from power, because I could not stand the idea of giving money to someone who has blood of innocents on his hands or is guilty by association through his support or denial of the genocide against the Bosniaks. Indeed, I believe that “RS” has no legitimacy as it was created through genocide, and therefore I can’t acknowledge it by visiting it or spending my money there (with the expressed exception of Bosniaks who have returned there).
    And, justice delayed is justice denied. But actually the Serbs have done themselves a disservice. What if, say, a hundred or a thousand years from now the Bosniak are stronger and, making use of their own historic victimization, take back the territories from which they were expelled by force? Then the evil that the Serbs unleashed on the Bosniaks in 1992-1995 (and to this day, if we consider all acts of anti-Bosniak violence being committed in “RS” such as the burning of the mosque at Fazlagica Kula earlier this year) WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT THEM. Not that I consider it morally justified, but it is part of human nature to find a pretext for any evil committed. I do hope that the Bosniak leadership will never resort to the same evil the Serbs did. Of course, if it should ever come again to hostilities, isolated and individual acts of violence against the aggressor of last time will be inevitable, but the Bosniak side can maintain its higher moral standpoint only if, as opposed to the Serbofascist genocidal leadership of Milosevic and Karadzic, they DO NOT make their official policy, or tolerate extermination and geocide in all its form, including rape of enemy civilian females. This would be unbecoming of true Muslims. There must be standing orders that such acts will not be tolerated but swiftly and severely punished.
    If on the other hand it is true that the Bosniak population is growing faster than the Bosnian Serb one (or in fact the Bosnian Serb population is shrinking, through emigration or because they have a higher morttality than birth rate) maybe one day Bosdnia-Herzegovina can be reunified peacefully and then at least the most evident physical traces of ethnic cleansing (the destruction of historic mosques) can be undone (at Stolac, many historic mosques adn Ottoman era houses, destroyed by the HVO in 1993, have been lovingly and carefully rebuilt; time it was done here too.). However, if the Bosnian Serbs should try to oppose this by violence, and not seek the Bosniaks’ forgiveness and reconciliation, then let them feel all the wrath of the Bosniaks, and let all the blood of innocents they spilled, fall back onto their heads. And let me tell you that I would not harbor these feelings for the Bosnian Serbs if they felt or expressed remorse and regret for what was done in the name of Serbdom. But no, they pour scorn and contempt upon the victims, and their statements drip with hate and disdain for the Bosniaks and for Bosnia. Thus they plainly show their moral and intellectual shortcomings and I can only say that I feel NO sympathy whatsoever for people who are at the same time evil and stupid. Indeed, someone like Milan Lukic, shooting him would be too good. Please do not be offended if I say that for what he did should be made to suffer a slow and painful death. He should be made to die a thousand times, and those of his relatives who support him should be forever exiled from Bosnia, with only their clothes on their backs.
    I do, however, acknowledge that there are Bosnian Serbs who are not like that. Like Jovan Divjak, the heroic general of the Bosnian Army. Now here is a gentleman in the truest sense. There are Bosnian Serbs who take the Bosniaks serious, and they should always be treated with consideration.
    Even so, the impression I get from most statements by Bosnian Serbs, be they friendly disposed towards Bosniaks or not, is one of fear and bad conscience. Passing through, or walking near Serb Sarajevo (or for that matter, West Mostar) during my last trip to Bosnia, gave me the same impression.
    And yes, the Bosnian Serbs in the Eastern region of Bosnia ARE desperate. Their part is impoverished and downtrodden. As you rightly say, they would take money even from the Turks they hate so much. Now, if it were up to me, I would see to it that they get none, but the Bridge of Visegrad is a monument of great historical and artistic significance, also to the Bosniaks (it is a giant headstone now as well, and should one day be fitted with marble name plates of all those who were murdered there) which can’t be let to decay.

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