Journalists kill too, don’t they?

 Women Genocide Survivors from Visegrad  protest in Sarajevo. Thousands of Bosniaks were expelled, several thousand murdered and raped by the Serb Army. Picture: REUTERS/Danilo Krstanovic  (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA)

Women Genocide Survivors from Visegrad protest in Sarajevo. Thousands of Bosniaks were expelled, several thousand murdered and raped by the Serb Army. Picture: REUTERS/Danilo Krstanovic (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA)

‘The bridge has had to have its victims, to stand up,’

-Ljubomir Mutapcic, journalist from Visegrad

To commit Genocide, the victim group must be dehumanised and their murder must be approved. The easiest way to do this is by the media. As history teaches us, Nazi Germany used media to promote their fascist idea of the Jews as an “inferior race”. In Bosnia, starting from Milosevic’s rise to power in 1989, the Yugoslav media was used to dehumanise the Bosnian Muslim and Croat population. The Croats were being accused of being Ustase, and wanting to repeat the WW2 Genocide of the Serbs in Jasenovac. The Bosnian Muslims were accused of wanting to create an “islamic state in Bosnia“, a Jamahiriya. Fear was created among the local Serb population, they were by mass media, convinced that Muslims were going to massacre them and drive them out of Bosnia so as to create an “Islamic state”.

To commit Genocide against Bosniaks in Visegrad, journalists from Eastern Bosnia and Uzice, a town in Serbia bordering Visegrad, played a main role in mobilising Serb masses into committing, supporting and by standing the mass murder, rape and expulsion of Bosniaks from Visegrad.

Bosniak Genocide Survivor Mustafa Suceska in his book “Bloody Bridge on Drina” (“Krvava Cuprija na Drini” DES,Sarajevo 2001) identified journalists Ljubomir Mutapcic and Radoje Tasic as the two main journalists who carried out anti-Bosniak and islamophobic propaganda.

Radoje Tasic today is a journalist for Serb nationalist newspaper Glas Srpske. He has filmed a propaganda documentary about Serb victims in WW2. He was identified by Visegrad Genocide Survivor Šefka Šehić (in the Boban Simsic case) as the person who made lists of inmates in the Hasan Veletovac Secondary School-turned concentration camp(Testimony in Bosnia here ). In a anonymous letter sent to Nezavisne Novine in September 2006, Radoje Tasic is named the main person for logistics for the Serb terror group “Preventiva”, whose main aim is to prevent the capture of wanted war criminals.

Ljubomir Mutapcic is pensioner living in Visegrad. In 2007. he received the highest award of  the Visegrad Municipality from Visegrad Mayor Milandin Milicevic. About Milicevic’s war past read here.  Mutapcic did a great job and the Serb authorities in Visegrad know it.

Ljubomir Mutapcic, seems to be still up to his war-time job. This time he justifies Bosniak victims to a British journalist (Read Guardian article)

Ljubomir Mutapcic, an elderly journalist is one. His flat overlooks the bridge and he knows every moment of its history. ‘You know the legend of the bridge?’ he asks. He tells the story told in Andric’s book. How when the bridge was being built the river would sweep it away until the two human sacrifices were put in its foundations. ‘The bridge has had to have its victims, to stand up,’ he says.”


3 Responses to “Journalists kill too, don’t they?”

  1. That last comment by Mutapcic is breathtaking. They also serve who only write and speak.

  2. visegrad92 Says:

    I just hope there will come a time when journalists, musicians, priests etc. will answer for supporting genocide.

  3. Abdul Majid Says:

    Where Ivo Andric’s Islamophobia shows is in this part aboutthe human sacrifice so that the bridge would remain standing: I have read such histories also in Bulgaria and in South America. They are represented in folk songs and popular tales. Now Islam forbids human sacrifice. So surely no one was walled into the bridge of Visegrad. Most probably it is one of the horror stories invented after 1878 by the Christians to justify their expulsion and genocide of the Balkan Muslims. About 1,5 million Muslims were killed or expelled after Serbia and Bulgaria gained independence. And from Greece too, in various waves until 1923. That is why these countries only have a “folkloric” Muslim minority (As Ratko Mladic put it, and that is what he wanted for Bosnia too). There was a headline in a French newspaper in 1912 or 13 (during the Balkan wars) which said “la Croix chasse le Croissant des Balkans”. Well, I can tell you that the Cross will NEVER chase the Crescent out of Bosnia, and that since many of the Bosnian Serbs or the Serbs from Serbia feel nothing but hate and contempt for the Bosniaks, well then I reciprocate these feelings. AND, in 1915 when the Turks committed genocide against the Armenians they used the Western indifferwence and covert support for the genocide against the Balkan Muslims as a pretext and a precedent.
    Therefore, the Bosnian Serbs, and Serbia would be well advised to distance themselves from Milosevic’s land grab in Bosnia, and to seek reconciliation and forgiveness with the Bosniaks. For even with a material superiority of maybe 100:1, and a numerical superiority of maybe 3:1, and with the Bosniaks fighting a two-front war and with all the damage they did to the Bosniak people, society and culture, they could NOT achieve what they wanted: to erase Bosnia from the map, to exterminate the Bosniaks and to chase away Islamic presence and culture from Bosnian soil. With hte geostrategic situation being as it is (Bosniaks: 50% and rising; Serbs: 34% and decreasing; Croats: 12% and also decreasing; and the entity boundary line practically indefensible), next time around the tables would be turned.
    Now that Ivo Andric got the Nobel Prize for Literature even though he included this piece of crude jingoism in hs famous book is at least controversial.

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