Retired American Police Officer dismisses Visegrad Genocide Survivors

Cliff Jenkins, former Albuquerque Police Department officer served as an "expert witness" for Milan Lukic's defense

Cliff Jenkins, former Albuquerque Police Department officer served as an "expert witness" for Milan Lukic's defense

Jason Alarid, Milan Lukic’s main defense lawyer brought his hometown (Albuquerque,USA) former deputy Chief of Police Cliff Jenkins as an “expert witness” in a war crimes case.  Jenkis did his homework: he turned down every witness testimony and evidence brought to court by the Persecution. He dismissed Zehra Turjacanin’s testimony about the Bikavac crime in which more than 70 people were burnt alive, by claiming that- if it had been true, she must have more burn marks on the lower part of her body.

As a motive for the testimonies, he says that the witnesses may have lied so as to “receive financial aid” and as “being members of victim organisations” they “could overlap testimonies”.

*READ about Lukic’s defense trying to bribe Bosniak victims.


7 Responses to “Retired American Police Officer dismisses Visegrad Genocide Survivors”

  1. If Lukic’s counsel think that it’s useful to have theri expert witness speculating outside his field of competence hopefully Mr Alarid will be going some way to repairing the damage done by the apparent survival of the victims named in the indictment.

  2. visegrad92 Says:

    Cliff Jenkins bases his opinion on written testimonies and a 2 day visit to Visegrad. So an old person with no background in war crimes cases, with no knowledge of Bosnian history whatsoever claims that the testimonies by victims are false.

  3. Hopefully that kind of testimony is counter-productive – but please, no ageism or you’ll be banishing me form here!

  4. Defence team’s so called “expert witness” Cliff Jenkins is UNQUALIFIED to make any conclussions regarding Milan Lukic’s crimes in Visegrad.

  5. Why is everyone focusing on the police expert? How do we get over the fact that A) alleged death victims are alive; b) fire arson investigators found no evidence of fire.

    Bakira – you promised no one would ever investigate into Pionirska!

  6. visegrad92 Says:

    Yvette, first of all genocide/war crimes denial is not allowed on this blog.

    Now to answer you question: the point is that Lukic’s defense is fabricating evidence, harassing and bribing victims. Lukic’s attorney brings so-called expert witnesses from his hometown, people who are not experts in this field.

    Hasiba, Lejla and Latifa Kurspahic are the ones who are alive, they are from the same village as the other victims but they managed to escape while the others were robbed, barricaded and burnt alive. So the number of alive victims is 3 and not 18 as the defense claims.

    The so-called fire arson investigator found no evidence of a fire, but he also confessed to court that after 17 years (he visited Visegrad only this year) any possible evidence would have disappeared, faded away by now. So his “expert” testimony is no good.

  7. I remember when I first heard about the fires. It was right after it had happend. I was in Croatia and heard it on the radio. All these last names were mentioned. There’s no mistaking, Yvette, that this happend. Just look at all the surrounding houses…all intact exept for one (in both streets). If the prosecution screwed up with a few names, it doesn’t mean it never happened. I personally know families of victims of these fires….don’t trivialize these awfull crimes!

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