6 April 1992- 6 April 2009-REMEMBER!NEVER FORGET!


On 6.04.92 Uzice Corps of the Yugoslav Peoples’ Army(JNA) led by General Dragoljub Ojdanic attacked Visegrad along with other paramilitary formations which were under the JNA control(White Eagles, Seselj’s Chetniks etc.). Resistance was broken down and JNA occupied Visegrad on 14. April 1992.

General Dragoljub Ojdanic, who led the JNA attack on Visegrad.He is at the Hague anwsering for war crimes commited in Kosova.


*At least 1661 Bosniaks murdered(according to IDC)

*Hundreds of Bosniak women raped

*Thousands forced out and deported

*All Islamic architecture deliberately destroyed including the city’s two main mosques

*Bosniak property confiscated


*Yugoslav Peoples’ Army/Army of Republika Srpska(VRS)

*Serb Democratic Party(SDS) Crisis Committee (Krizni Stab)

*Serb led Visegrad Municipality

*Paramilitary formations under the control of/tolerated by JNA/VRS

*local Serb neighbors


*Visegrad is an ethnicly cleasned town.

*Except for Milan Lukic, no other high-ranking Serb official has answered for crimes committed in Visegrad. Not a single member of the Visegrad Municipality or the Crisis Committee has been arrested.

*War criminals still live in the town

*One of the two mosques has been rebuilt by Visegrad’s Bosniaks living in other parts of B&H or diaspora.


4 Responses to “6 April 1992- 6 April 2009-REMEMBER!NEVER FORGET!”

  1. Will any commemoration ceremony be taking place in Visegrad?

    As part of the worldwide Genocide Prevention Project events during April, there will be a commemoration at 12.00 mid-day on 6 April in front of the memorial plaque to the victims of the Ferhadija Street (Bread Queue) Massacre, followed by a march through the centre of Sarajevo. (The event is being coordinated by Gesellschaft fuer bedrohte Voelker BiH Section – http://www.gfbv.ba)

  2. Are there any returnee Bosniaks living in Visegrad?

  3. visegrad92 Says:

    Owen, I am not sure, the commemoration regularly takes part in late May marking the start of the Genocide in Visegrad. But survivors and victims often make statements on 14/15 April when Visegrad was occupied.

    There are about 1500 returnees, mostly old people, a few couples with small children but that’s nothing, no future there. Most of the pre-war Serbs left Visegrad too. They went to Serbia or elsewhere.

  4. It can’t be a pleasant environment to be bringing up children. If you know anyone involved in any event in Visegrad on 14/15 April you could suggest to them that they inform Genocide Prevention Project at http://www.preventorprotect.org/overview/about.html if they want to be part of the international Genocide Prevention Month commemorations and draw attention to what happened.

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