Four funerals in one day

Case no.1

On  25.07.1992 a group of Serb soldiers and policemen took part in an attack on the village  Velji Lug in Visegrad  and in that attack Bosniak civilians were murdered: Ahmetspahić Medihu, Ahmetspahić Amelu(9 months old), Ahmetspahić Raziju, Sućeska Fatu, Aljić Safeta, Ahmetspahić Latifu, Memišević Smailu. Their houses and businesses were burnt down. Dozens of Bosniak civilians, men, women and children were taken to the concentration camp at the former elementary school “Hasan Veletovac” in Visegradu.

* Note: For this war crime and others, Boban Simsic was sentenced to 14 years. More on Simsic trial here.

Boban Simsic, sentenced to 14 years for war crimes.

Boban Simsic, left, sentenced to 14 years for war crimes.

Case no.2

From the Lukic indictment:

“On or about 10 June 1992, Milan LUKIC and another man drove to the Varda sawmill and furniture factory in Visegrad in the red Volkswagen Passat car LUKIC was known to drive. LUKIC entered the factory and came back out with seven Bosnian Muslim men: Nusret Aljosevic, Nedzad Bektas, Musan Cancar, Ibrisim Memisevic, Hamed Osmanagic, Lutvo Tvrtkovic, and Sabahudan Velagic. Milan LUKIC led the men to the nearby river. After first demanding that the men empty their pockets and take off their jackets, Milan LUKIC shot them repeatedly with an automatic weapon. Family members and colleagues of the victims later found some of the bodies with multiple gun shot wounds floating in the river.”

Milan Lukic in Visegrad 1992.

Milan Lukic in Visegrad 1992.

These two cases have one thing in common: Mujesira Memisevic. Her husband Ibrisim was a worker at “Varda” factory. He was taken to the river Drina and shot together with several other Bosniak workers. The next month Serb soldiers and policeman shot and killed her mother-in-law (Smaila Memisevic), sister-in-law(Mediha), Mediha’s 9-month old daughter (Amela) in Velji Lug. As an addition to this, in the Visegrad Genocide, Mujesira’s daughter(Meliha 1978) and son (Edin 1981) were also murdered by Serb soldiers.

Next week, Mujesira will be laying to rest the remains of her husband, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and 9-month old Amela.


One Response to “Four funerals in one day”

  1. How much suffering some people have to endure. Could Milan Lukic endure even one second of the cumulated suffering he has inflicted on so many people? What a brave man to risk the possibility of that moment of insight.

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