In Memoriam: Sadik Isic Beli


Sadik Isic Beli was born on 15.2.1955. in Uzice, Serbia. He finished the Mechanical Faculty in Sarajevo and worked in “Terpentina” factory in Visegrad. On 20.6.1992. he was arrested in his apartment by 4 armed Serb men(2 were wearing military uniforms and two were in civilian clothes). He was last seen taken away by these 4 men towards Dusce area in Visegrad.

Until today, his family (wife and two children) are still searching for his remains.

Update: 30.09.2010 – Sadik Isic was today identified by DNA analysis. His body was found in 2000 in a mass grave in Kurtalici, Visegrad.

His murderers have yet to be found.

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