Who murdered Milan Josipovic?


“It then emerged that in June 1992, a Visegrad police inspector, Milan Josipovic, had received a macabre complaint from the manager of Bajina Basta hydroelectric plant across the Serbian border, asking whoever was responsible to please slow the flow of corpses down the Drina. They were clogging up the culverts in his dam,…”

The Warlord of Visegrad, Ed Vulliamy,Nerma Jelacic, The Guardian, Thursday 11 August 2005

Years later, on 30 March 2005, Milan(48) also known as Mile was shot twice in the chest and in the head. He was in his coffee-grinding shop when his assassin/s shot him from the door. Milan was  a former Police Chief and inspector, who knew a lot about the crimes committed in Visegrad. According to victim groups, he personally took part in these crimes. Until today his  murderers have not been found. Motives for his murder are being guessed: most probably members of the “Preventiva” murdered him because he testified against Novo Rajak in Sarajevo in 2005 for crimes committed in Visegrad. It is believed that Milan had a deal with the prosecutors to testify in the first Visegrad war crimes case.

Just as a reminder, people who took part in the massacre of Bosniaks still live and work in institutions in the Visegrad Municipality. You cannot expect the Visegrad Police  authorities to find Josipovic’s murderers when members of their force are endangered by Josipovic’s testimony.

* Read more on Preventiva in Visegrad here.

* Also see Visegrad in Denial over Grisly Past

One Response to “Who murdered Milan Josipovic?”

  1. Abdul Majid Says:

    These Serbs remind me of some sharks, hyenas, crocodiles, or cannibals who end up killing or eating their own.
    Mind you , I’m not saying that Serbia is a nation or a people of sociopaths, but the proportion of sociopaths among them is staggering. Even today. Anybody who speaks out for those people or for the genocide against teh Bosniaks would, if given the chance, commit it too. Well, sociopathic behavior was as widely accepted among them during the war as it was among the SS, who would not just commit mass murder but often enough be sadists and psychopaths during the day in their line of work, and be loving husbands or fathers in the evening, on holidays, in private and among their families. The banality of evil…bah.
    Actually I do have to confess that I harbor the same feelings towards them. With one distinction. Evidence from most mass graves, and the Skorpioni video shows that the Chetniks almost always tied their victims’ hands behind their backs, blindfolded them and then shot them in the back. Why? Because these stinking cowards could not bear to look them in the eyes. Now, as foer me, if the boot was on teh other foot and I could have these men at my mercy (and their names and faces are well known) I think I would not feel such compunctions. But I am not a murderer, I would find it very hard to bring myself to actually hold a gun to somebody’s head and pull the trigger, even though he might deserve it a thousand times. I would look them in the eyes. But what if their faces would appear in my dreams night after night? That is something I would like to spare myself. I would not want to damage my soul, to become something like tham. Besides that, it would not be right that the blood of these despicable subjects flowed into the same soil which has already been watered with the blood of so many innocent Bosniaks. Better that they shoot each other, and that the survivors are locked up in underground cells for the rest of their natural lives – no letters, no packages, no books, no visits, no exercise in fresh air, no parole, no appeals. Not even to speak to the guards. Strictly enforced total silence. And with their bodies being burnt and the ashes scattered into the wind after their deaths, so that no monument may be erected to their evil memory. All their fortunes and assets down to the last cent must be confiscated to compensate the victims or their next of kin. And any of their relatives who speaks out for them must be forever evicted from Bosnia. And even that is a very mild punishment compared with what they will get in the Hereafter. The Bosniaks should set up a disused mine shaft for that purpose. That may seem very cruel, but what these men did is so hideous that no measure of punishment could be enough or appropriate. In that context I deplore that some of these men will be set free after having served their sentences and will return to get a heroes’ welcome; or those who die in prison will get a heroes’ burial. This is very inappropriate. I would like to see their headstones smashed to bits, and their mortal remains destroyed for good. And that one day all the Serb war memorials in Bosnia suffer the fate of Saddam Hussein’s statue, or of Stalin’s statue in Budapest. And that all Chetnik flags, hats, badges, street signs etc. be thrown onto a heap in Oslobodenje Square in Sarajevo, just as the SS banners were in Moscow in 1945. Sorry, but they deserve no better.

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