Biljana Plavsic to be freed!

A former citizen of  Sarajevo. Professor of Biology at the University of Sarajevo, Biljana Plavsic, rose up the Serb political ladder quiet fast. During the Bosnian Genocide she took part in the  dehumanization of  Bosniaks.

After making a deal with the prosecution, she pleaded guilty to one count in the indictment: crimes against humanity. Genocide charges were dropped due to the guilty plea.

*Note: Read this interesting article at Daniel’s Srebrenica Genocide Blog.

10 Responses to “Biljana Plavsic to be freed!”

  1. Andras Riedlmayer has commented on JUSTWATCH:

    “As the AP report notes:

    “Plavsic is one of the few suspects to admit their crimes at the tr ibunal. In an emotional speech at a sentencing hearing in December 2000, she told judges that the Bosnian Serb leadership, “of which I was a necessary part, led an effort which victimized countless innocent people.”

    She added that, “The knowledge that I am responsible for such human suffering and for soiling the character of my people will always be with me.”

    As the AP report fails to note, however, since her guilty plea Mrs. Plavsic has made it clear that the remorseful statement at her sentencing hearing, written for her by her Canadian lawyer, does not represent her view of events in Bosnia during the war or of her role in them. In her memoirs, published in 2004, and in a 2005 interview with Banja Luka Alternative TV, she claimed she hadn’t been speaking the truth at the time of her guilty plea, but said she had no choice because she had trouble finding witnesses to testify on her behalf. All she ever did during the 1992-95 war, in her view, was to engage in humanitarian activities. Asked in the interview if she would’ve changed anything in the last 15 years, Plavsic replied that she would have changed nothing. “I believe that I would have taken the same road again,” Plavsic said.””

    In the UK prisoners who were recognised as having been the victims of a miscarriage of justice and unjustly convicted have been refused early release because they insisted on their innocence. Their refusal to acknowledge that they had committed their “crime” has been treated as evidence of their adequate rehabilitation, so they could not be released into society ahead of their sentence.

    It does not appear that this woman convict has fully come to terms with the consequences of her actions. She does not appear to be adequately rehabilitated. It’s not easy to see why Judge Patrick Robinson feels it appropriate to reward her beyond the already light sentence that her emotional apology and “co-operation” earned her from the Tribunal, unless she’s in very bad health.

  2. Sorry, that should have read “treated as evidence of their *in*adequate rehabilitation”

  3. Abdul Majid Says:

    That woman is a psychopath, a sociopath, a schizoid. Even Milosevic himself said that she belonged in an isntitution. She has no regard for human lives, not even for Serbs. She said that even if half of the Serbs would perish it would be all right if it served the Greater Serb cause, “and then the rest could live in dignity.” Hah! They should never have put her on trial in the first place, a thorough examination of her writings, an assessment of her statemets would have shown that she really belongs in an institution. As a hopeless case. They should treat her with electric shocks, but the old-fashioned, painful way, for the rest of her life, but even so she is a hopeless case. And that only not to say other things of her. Like Elena Ceausescu and Margot Honecker, that woman is as physically repulsive as her character is evil. People like that do not deserve to walk this earth, and to quote an old Sicilian folk song, “not even the Devil would want to take her in in Hell”!
    And her possible involvement in the mysterious death of Ibrahim Halilovic, mufti of Banja Luka in 1996 (or was it 1997?) has been swept under the rug, and should be investigated.

  4. The good thing is that she will be going to Belgrade where here family is.And in Belgrade she is a nobody when you take into consideration that she spent all her life in Sarajevo, she accomplished everything in Sarajevo and now she will go to a huge city where she will be lost in translation. Just like Krajisnik left like shit when he saw that nobody came to greet him in Pale last month, Plavsic and every other Bosnian Serb political leader who imagined a hero’s status will be dissapointed.

  5. Abdul Majid Says:

    Visegrad92, I hope what you say is right. And that, like the horrible regime she upholds, she will become a footnote in history, so that even Serbs will say “Biljana who?” Yes, may the whole “RS” become a footnote in history.
    I wish I knew it to be true that Bosniaks will be the majority of all peoples in Bosnia soon, and that if the Serbs again resort to brute force and treachery this time around the boot will be on the other foot.
    And just so you know why I care about Bosniaks so much: during the war I used to know quite a few of them in my hometown. They were refugees mostly from Podrinje Good people all. But I was most impressed with two young girls from Zvornik; I would have proposed to one of them, but then I was out of work and out of money, conditions not exactly helpful to raise a family. Too bad, but such is kismet. Nevertheless, that’s how I becae emotionally involved (and I could see during my last stay there that beautiful girls are not lacking in Bosnia. Quite the contrary. So, despite war and genocide and all, today’s Bosnian young men can consider themselves lucky because the most beautiful girls can be found in Bosnia. But they have the duty to preserve their young women from ever becoming prey to sadistic, sociopath Serbofascist rapists like that unprintable Milan Lukic again! And I can only add that I felt insulted by that Dutch soldiers’graffiti in Potocari slandering Bosnian girls (you know which one I mean). And then, the ones I have seen are not like that at all. OK, I’m disgressing. The point is, looking at Biljana Plavsic she surely was not very attractive even when she was young; maybe because she could not compete with the much more attractive Bosniak girls she developed her pathological hate of Bosniaks. If at all, her raving mad theories about Bosniaks being genetically inferior must be read rather as the contrary. I could say that if some people in Bosnia have preserved more of their ancient genetical heritage it would be the Bosniaks, not the Bosnian Serbs (who are for the most actually Vlachs) if I cared about such a stupid and evil concept as racial purity, purity of blood or degeneration by miscegenation at all. Which I don’t. I don’t care what someone or his ancestors look like. There are no superior nor inferior races; but there are people with hateful ways.
    Anyway, in a nutshell: if it is true that Bosniaks will be the majority in Bosnia by 2018 or so, maybe even though the Bosniak communities in Visegrad, Foca , Zvornik, Rogatica, Srebrenica and Zepa were destroyed, the Bosniaks will come back. New Bosnian Muslim communities will rise where the old ones were obliterated. If the historic mosques and monuments in Stolac could be faithfully rebuilt, so will, with God’s help, those in Podrinje. If not in 10, maybe in 100 years. But I wish I could live to see it.
    (bytw. there are two articles published in “Dani”, by Bojan Bajic, from 29.12.2007 and 09.02.2009 which are of great interest here. You can look them up under

  6. Abdul Majid, interpreting moral unpleasantness from physical appearance is a dangerous path to head down – best let Biljana Plavsic be judged by her actions rather than her appearance.

    As you say, there are no superior nor inferior races, but there are people with hateful ways. The true ugliness of Biljana Plavsic lies in the way she chose to renounce those hateful ways and then had second thoughts.

  7. Abdul Majid Says:

    Why of course, people should ever be judged by their actions, not by their looks alone; for example, Zeljko Raznjatovic Arkan, another character of the Bosnian war who was evil beyond belief, from his looks you’d never have guessed it. I was only trying to express how remarkable I find it that Biljana Plavsic, exactly like Elena Ceausecu or Margot Honecker, looks as horrible as she is. And it is not that she renounced her evil ways and then had second thoughts, she only pretended to renounce them to curry the Tribunal’s leniency. I have only once heard a Serbofascist express remorse and ask for forgiveness for what he has done. All others deny, belittle or justify theri crimes or even brag about them. What horrible people. Who would want to live with them anyway? Besides that, I am not condemning all Bosnian Serbs. There was Aleksa Santic, who gave us “Emina”. There is Jovan Divjak, heroic defender of Sarajevo, and all Bosnian Serb soldiers of the Bosnian Army, and the people of Baljvina, who stood to their Bosniak friends. How could I not consider them as friends and brothers?

  8. Abdul Majid, have you seen the photograph at Srebrenica Genocide Blog that Visegrad92 links to, with Biljana Plavsic and Slavko Aleksic looking at one another as if there was something extremely nasty under their noses? Which I guess there was. I’m glad to agree with all you say in the last comment.

  9. Abdul Majid Says:

    Thank you. And yes indeed, that photograph is as you describe it!
    Now, I wonder, what should Bosniaks do next, especially those who were expelled from Podrinje or who are returning to it?
    It will be very hard for them.
    In the Middle Ages, around the time of the First Crusade there were horrible pogroms against jews in almost all cities the Crusaders passed through, and the Jews in cities like Strasbourg, Cologne or Mayence were set upon by “Christian” thugs much in the same way as the Bosniaks of Podrinje. The Jewish communities were completely wiped out. Only those who fled to the East in time escaped. Some years after, small numbers of Jews again established themselves in those cities again. The Jewish communities reformed. But it took until the 19th century for them to become established and accepted. And then, after 1933 the Holocaust came. Nevertheless, the Bosniaks have to follow that example. Never give up.
    And Aleksa Santic had a poem for those who left Bosnia for Turkey or the Middle East: Stay.
    I don’t know, I would probably have resigned, and would now live my life in bitterness. It is quite difficult here for me now as it is; but really I can’t complain. Not when I think what happened to the Bosniaks, or that it can happen again! But yet, I haven’t met any Bosniak who was unhappy or bitter even though there are many who have a reason to be. And since teh Bosniaks love their homeland they have much better chances than the Bosnian Serbs who do not. But what if the Bosnian Serbs again try violence? I wish that then they would be repaid with interests; that those weho committed all the rapes, robberies, arson and murder (for their names and their faces are well known) were dealt with in an appropriate manner. Summarily executed. That may sound like revenge instaed of justice, but it is not so. Why? Because with the nature of their crimes, a jury would take only as much as 30 seconds to send such despicable subjects to the gallows, because the crime of genocide has to be persecuted and punished always, and an unmistakable signal has to be sent out to all those who would make geopolitics by means of genocide; and because Bosniaks have the right that Never Again genocide is attempted against them.

  10. Presednica krvave RC pustena na slobodu iako je priznala svoju odgovornost za masovni progon i etnicko ciscenje kao i srpski genocid nad Muslimanima i Hrvatima ne smije nikada uistinu biti slobodna jer je nagradzena za svoj zlocin

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