Many faces of Boris Tadic


Last winter, some media in Sarajevo praised Boris Tadic like a national hero when he gave political support for a gas deal between BH Gas and Srbijagas. This occurred while Bosnia like other countries in the region were cut off by Russia. For some reason, some media published news that Boris Tadic “gave gas to frozen Sarajevans” while really Srbijagas sold gas (at quiet a high price) to BH Gas. Thus, Tadic was once again portrayed by Sarajevo media as a “true Bosnian”, a “Sarajevan who did not forget his city” etc. Even Senad Hadzifejzovic, the once popular war journalist in his “Centralni Dnevnik” on Hayat TV praised and thanked Tadic for giving Sarajevo gas.

Most Sarajevans, make a mistake thinking that everyone who is born in Sarajevo is automatically a good guy. When referring to the 4-year long siege, they call the Bosnian Serb Army – “those on the hills” or simply call them “rednecks”. Quickly they forget, that the Bosnian Serb Army soldiers “on the hills” where infect mostly people born and raised in Sarajevo, the masterminds of the Bosnian Genocide wer well educated Serbs and former Sarajevans: Karadzic (psychologist ), Koljevic (Shakespeare expert), Plavsic (Biology professor) to name a few. A couple of Seselj’s Chetnik “Vojvodas”(Dukes) were Sarajevo Serbs.

We also should not forget that Tadic’s father is Ljubomir Tadic, one of the authors of the “Memorandum SANU”, the Bosnian final solution written by the Serb Academy of Science and Arts.


Lastly, Tadic is a manipulator. He is a liar. He has been interfering in Bosnian affairs since he came to power. For years he claims that Serbia is doing everything in it’s power to arrest Mladic, but evidence has shown that Mladic was hiding in Serbian Army military bases while Tadic was Minister of Defence. In June this year, the Republika Srpska Assembly brought a declaration against the powers of the international community’s Office of the High Representative and the transfer of powers from the entity to the state government. While many criticized this decision, Tadic quickly came to Banja Luka where he met Milorad Dodik and stated:

”Serbia does not accept any policy of imposing solutions. Anybody who wants stability in the area of the western Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to avoid the situation in which a legitimate decision of citizens’ representatives are abolished,”

In September this year, Tadic opened a school in Pale, financed by Serbia and named “Serbia” (Pale was the headquarters of  Radovan Karadzic during the aggression). Tadic defended opening this school with this name in Bosnia by saying: “I proposed building a school, for example, in Raška or Sandžak, which would be called ‘Bosna’. I’d happily attend its opening,” he explained.

We doubt however that he would open a school in Raska called “Kosova”.


5 Responses to “Many faces of Boris Tadic”

  1. Tadic’s visit follows an earlier visit by Sutanovac to discuss cooperation on defence production and procurement between Serbia and RS. Jeremic has also been paying visits without reference to the national government. It’s a scandal that the international community appears simply to be turning a blind eye to this blatant encouragement to RS to develop autonomous relationships.

  2. Says:

    Slobodan had many faces too. Faces change people remain the same.

  3. visegrad92 Says:

    The same with so-called democrat Zoran Djindjic.

  4. Abdul Majid Says:

    Zoran Djindjic was murdered a few days after he announced that Ratko Mladic would be arrested. Coincidence? Hardly. In some ways Djindjic was a better guy that the other Serb “fathers of the fatherland”. Kostunica is no better than Milosevic was, and Boris Tadic – is he too a convinced Serbofascist ultranartionalist, or is he driven by fear of ending like Djindjic – murdered by the same shadowy circles who actuially hold sway over Serbia? (much in the same way the officesr of the War Ministry and the bureaucrats were the ones who actually held power in Japan in August 1945, and it was out of fear of being murdered that the politicians then being in office refused to submit even though they knew everything was lost,) Either way, for Bosnia and the Bosniaks it makes no difference.
    The situation in Bosnia being now what it is, unfortunately it seems the serbs will get away with their land grab and the Bosiaks will be left in a Bantustan, if not erased from the map altogether. And I’m not sure if a world that lets such tings happen is worth living in.

  5. Bosniak organisations need to be coordinating an international awareness-raising campaign. There are many international journalists now in positions of respect and authority who came face to face with the reality of 1992-1995. The international public needs to be aware how dangerous a situation their governments are allowing to develop.

    Dodik is becoming bolder and bolder and Tadic is allowing Serbia to become more and more closely identified as a sponsor of Dodik’s ambitions. Now that the visa agreement is in the bag Tadic doesn’t seem worried about EU opinion. Presumably he’s confident that Russian energy policy gives him licence to behave however he chooses.

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