In Memoriam:Suljo ef. Haljkovic


Suljo ef. Haljkovic died in September this year in Sweden. He was the imam in Gazanfer-beg’s Mosque in Visegrad. Suljo ef. was born in Cajnice but he lived and worked in Visegrad. He was seriously injured in the stomach during the Yugoslav Peoples’ Army(JNA) bombardment of Visegrad in April 1992 and was urgently brought to the Hospital in Foca. He kept on repeating to people around him: “If you survive, talk about this. Tell the others what happened”. His son Amrudin, was arrested by the Yugoslav Peoples’ Army and used as human shield along with other Bosniak civilians during their attack on Ustripraca near Gorazde where Amrudin was killed. His wife Ifeta managed to save  him from the onslaught on Muslims in Foca and escaped to Montenegro, then to Macedonia and finally to Sweden where he lived a quiet life.

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