Video:Bosnia’s Broken Promises

Watch Al Jazeera’s People&Power episode on Visegrad war crimes.

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+ Destruction of Mosques in Visegrad Municipality

+ VIDEO REPORT: Visegrad Genocidal Rape

+ Eliticide in Visegrad

+ Serb Democratic Party Crsis Committee(Krizni Stab)

+ Visegrad Genocide Denial

4 Responses to “Video:Bosnia’s Broken Promises”

  1. Is the Mayor of Visegrad qualified to judge the quality of evidence available? Does he live on a planet where it is normal to dismiss the idea of holding those responsible for the use of rape as a weapon of war to account for their crimes as “constantly looking bcak”?

  2. Thank you for this video. I noticed Al Jazeera has a high quality programming. I am glad the world still pays attention to Bosnia. All these rapists that tortured our women in Visegrad, Foca, and Podrinje in general MUST be brought to justice. We need to form some kind of a Simon Wiesenthal institution, so we can hunt those criminals.

  3. Hynd’s Blog comments “At the moment however, the European community seems hell bent on tackling the headline grabbing issue of corruption. While there is no doubt that this issue is endemic in BiH and is often a root cause of other issues, it can not be prioritised over tackling rape. There needs to be sustained pressure put onto the BiH authorities to insure thorough and impartial investigations are undertaken.

  4. My comment may unfairly malign the Mayor of Visegrad. My response was provoked by the segment of the programme dealing with him which blunts the force of the message that the victims must not be denied justice. If he is doing what he can to navigate a way through a very difficult situation – not of his making, of course – I apologise.

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