Visegrad’s Forgotten Live Pyres

In Visegrad there were two well-known live pyres: The Pioneer Street and the Bikavac live pyre. However there were a couple more live pyres which little is known about since there were no survivors. Here is the story of one of them.

In the center of Visegrad, in the JNA Street(popularly known as Jondza), in Esad Brankovic‘s house around a dozen Bosniak civilians were burnt alive.

This included: Vezima Hasecic(1952, the daughter of Demir Osman);  Nermina(Remze)Hasecic(1977); Alma(Remze) Hasecic(1977); Osman Demir; Nefa Demir; Sulejmena(Mustafa)Tvrtkovic; Abida (Omerovic)Tvrtkovic and Selim (Sulejmena)Tvrtkovic(1975). They were last seen in Zulfo Hasecic’s house. The suspected perpetrators of this crime is the infamous Bosnian Serb Army Special Unit popularly known as the “Avengers”, “White Eagles” or “Garavi Sokak” which were led by Milan Lukic.

Image: Selim(Suljemena)Tvrtkovic born 1975.

Image: In the center with dark hair, Nermin(Remze)Hasecic born 1977.

Image: In the middle, Alma(Remze)Hasecic born in 1981.

No one has yet answered for this live pyre. Visegrad Serb authorities have constantly obscured investigations and exhumations. The victim remains have most probably been moved to another location.

During the Visegrad Genocide around 120 children were murdered or burnt alive by Visegrad’s Bosnian Serb Army soldiers or Bosnian Serb Police.

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4 Responses to “Visegrad’s Forgotten Live Pyres”

  1. Hasečić Nermin i Tvrtković Selim zapaljeni u kući Hasečić Remze u Ul. JNA br. 4 sa:
    1. Hasečić Osman Vezima zv. Azemina radila u “Vardi” preduzeću
    2. Demir Osman otac Vezime
    3. Demir Nefa majka Vezime
    4. Demir Azem brat Vezime odveden
    5. Hasečić Remze Alma odveo je Milan Lukić kod Hadžihalilović rodj.
    6. Zukić Mine (Lukić Milan odvodi Almu, Minu, Minino 2 malodobne djece,
    majku Mininu a oca je zapalio u kući u Dušču)
    7. Tvrtković Mustafe Sulejman odveden
    8. Tvrtković Abida rodj. Omerović zapaljena
    9. Tvrtković (Sulejman) Selim zapaljen
    10. Hasečić (Remzo) Nermin zapaljen

    Lazar Draško ratni tužilac, do 2008. godine Glavni kantonalni tužilac BPK Goražde danas zamjenik tužioca u BPK Goražde rekao Bakiri Hasečić i dr. da ispod “pečenare” Brankovića Adila su zapaljeni naprijed navedeni. 2 exhumacije rađene međuvremenu dislocirana grobnica od poznatih izvršioca kako je rekao Lazar koji je stanovao u kući Mustafae Mulahasića(Bakšahanume rahmetli): moj sin išao u zapaljenu kuću i našao izgorjele puške i one stare pare, a ja mu kažem kako stare pare zar nisu izgorjele kao puške a gdje Lazo zlato” Lazo ništa nije imao reči samo je ućutao.


  2. Passing the pictures of those kids as I scroll down to read other back posts is a terrible reminder of what the Lukics and their masters destroyed – not just the lives of those children and their friends and relatives who perished with them but the idea that there’s a basic notion of humanity that we all share, whatever our origins and affiliations. The Lukics were the brutal hands that did the deeds, those who were the brains that planned and directed them must equally be held to account.

    Is it possible to translate Bakira’s comment into English?

  3. This is a very important information that must not be forgotten. Do you have the exact or approximate date when this Live pyre occurred?

  4. visegrad92 Says:

    Dan, unfortunately we don’t have the exact date but it occurred at the end of June 1992.

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