Beco Filipovic – The XX Century Man

In 2009 Bosnia  and Herzegovina was left without one  unknown man who was treated in a cruel by life – Beco Filipovic. Beco, who was 86 years old when he died,  survived three concentration camps: Mathauzen(World War Two); Goli Otok(Tito’s Yugoslavia) and Ušće near Doboj(Bosnain Serb concentration camp during the Bosnian Genocide).

Luckily, a documentary film has been made commemorating Beco. It is directed by Haris Prolić and has a superb title: The XX Century Man.

Rest In Peace

Bećo Filipović(18. 12.1923. – 2. 2. 2009.)

One Response to “Beco Filipovic – The XX Century Man”

  1. Do you know where I can find this documentary?

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