Prof.Darko Tanaskovic – Supporter of Genocide

Image: Darko Tanaskovic, professor of Oriental Studies at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

Darko Tanaskovic, through his articles and interviews helped in the dehumanization of Bosniaks and thus mobilized masses to perpetrate the genocide against Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Darko along with other fascist Orientalists in Serbia scared the Serb population with the threat of ”lslamic Fundamentalism”. He regularly presented  Bosnian Muslims as a threat and refered to them as ”poturice” a pejorative term referring to converts to Islam.

”In a series of articles that they wrote for daily and weekly publications, as well as for the army paper Vojska, professors Darko Tanasković and Miroljub Jeftić regularly presented Islam as backward and violent. A special theme, however, was the betrayal of the Bosnian Muslims, who had allegedly converted to Islam. At the time of the most virulent anti-Muslim campaign in late 1991 and early 1992, i.e. when it was becoming clear that Bosnia-Herzegovina would not remain in Milošević’s ‘Yugoslavia’, Tanasović interpreted the Bosnian Muslims’ appeal to Turkey for help as ‘their furtive return to the old-time position of poturice [converts from Christianity to Islam]’: for the Serbs, he recalled, poturice were ‘worse than Turks’. Tanasković warned: ‘To threaten the Serbs with Turks is even worse and more ominous than to threaten them with Germans.’ The notion of Islamic fundamentalism as the greatest threat to Yugoslavia, far more important than Serb-Croat relations, was assiduously promoted . There were warnings about the realization of Islamic ideas in the Sandžak and Bosnia, although the main stress was on the Albanians. They spoke of the danger of Albanization, which led inevitably to the obliteration of Christian churches, graveyards and population, the building of mosques, and spread of the Muslim way of life.”

Source: ‘We shall take vengeance on the Turks’ by Sonja Biserko,

In post-Milosevic era, Darko Tanaskovic has returned to scare(once again), the Serb population of the ”Wahhabis” in B&H and Sanjak region in Serbia. It should  be noted that Prof.Darko Tanaskovic also takes active part in genocide denial of the Srebrenica genocide.

He wrote the Preface entitled “Terrible, but Beneficial Truth“,  for a book written by his good friend Prof. Milivoje Ivanisevic, entitled: The Chronicle of our Cemetery  or A word about suffering of the Serbian people of Bratunac, Milici, Skelani and Srebrenica. Prof. Ivanisevic himself is a outragest Bosnian Genocide denier, condemed by the Hague Tribunal:

”Without going to details of the article, I would like to state that the piece in question represents shameful denial and relativisation of the facts that this court has established beyond reasonable doubt about the genocide committed in Srebrenica.”

(International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Press Release, March 14 2007)

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