Hamed&Himzo Oprasic

On 25 May 1992, Hamed Oprasic was arrested in his home and taken away by armed Bosnian Serbs. His son Himzo Oprasic, was later gathered along with other Bosniak civilians – women and children- to be exchanged. While being driven in a truck towards the exchange point, Himzo was taken off the truck by Bosnian Serb soldiers and murdered.

Image: Hamed Oprasic(born 1945)

Image: Himzo Oprasic(born 1983)

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2 Responses to “Hamed&Himzo Oprasic”

  1. Born 1983 would make him around nine when he died. They don’t like it if you talk about child molesters being on trial at The Hague, but that’s what they were, abusers and murderers. That’s what all that bravado and sham heroics boils down to.

  2. Thanks for posting these pictures. Each one reminds us that behind the statistics are real people the same as you and me.

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