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Zuhdija Tabakovic pleas guilty

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(AP)A Bosnian Muslim has pleaded guilty to lying to Yugoslav war crimes tribunal prosecutors for a payment of euro1,000 ($1,375) to support the alibi of a Bosnian Serb later convicted of mass murder.

Prosecution lawyer Paul Rogers says Zuhdija Tabakovic has admitted signing a false statement about the slaying by Milan Lukic of a group of Muslims on the banks of the Drina River in the town of Visegrad in June 1992.

However, Tabakovic later told prosecutors what he had done and the statement was never used in court.

Rogers said Monday the guilty pleas were part of a deal with prosecutors. He asked judges to sentence Tabakovic to no more than six months in jail.

Lukic was sentenced to life imprisonment for a killing spree in Visegrad that included the Drina murders.


Edit: Zuhdija was sentenced to 3 months in prison by the Trial Chamber.

The man who burnt children set free

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Image: Mitar Vasiljevic (in middle with Serb Fascist head gear)

“Tonight, several hundred of Visegrad’s residents welcomed Mitar Vasiljevic who was released by the Hague Tribunal after having served two thirds of his 15-year prison sentence… Column of cars, stretching halfway from Sarajevo to Visegrad welcomed Vasiljevic at the Square of fallen soldiers in Visegrad with sirens and orchestra from Uzice (town in Serbia). Vasiljevic stated that he was never happier and that the Hague Tribunal’s judgment against him was 100% unjust.”

Source: Dnevni Avaz

Image: Victim families wrote to Patrick Robinson in December last year concerning the early release of Mitar Vasiljevic. Robinson totally ignored the fact the Trial Chamber in the Lukic case found Vasiljevic’s alibi to be false.


Shame on you Patrick Robinson for freeing this murderer !