The man who burnt children set free

Image: Mitar Vasiljevic (in middle with Serb Fascist head gear)

“Tonight, several hundred of Visegrad’s residents welcomed Mitar Vasiljevic who was released by the Hague Tribunal after having served two thirds of his 15-year prison sentence… Column of cars, stretching halfway from Sarajevo to Visegrad welcomed Vasiljevic at the Square of fallen soldiers in Visegrad with sirens and orchestra from Uzice (town in Serbia). Vasiljevic stated that he was never happier and that the Hague Tribunal’s judgment against him was 100% unjust.”

Source: Dnevni Avaz

Image: Victim families wrote to Patrick Robinson in December last year concerning the early release of Mitar Vasiljevic. Robinson totally ignored the fact the Trial Chamber in the Lukic case found Vasiljevic’s alibi to be false.


Shame on you Patrick Robinson for freeing this murderer !


8 Responses to “The man who burnt children set free”

  1. Abdul Majid Says:

    Sorry, but I believe that individuals like Milan Lukic and Mitar Vasiljevic, and all those who now treat them as heroes, have resigned from the human race and forfeited their human condition. They’re vampires, werewolves, mad dogs, even worse, because a mad dog is not responsible for its actions, nevertheless it is a danger that has to be rooted out. And they very well are, so they should suffer not one but a thousand deaths. What disgusts me to no end is that there are thousands of people out there who defend and glorify such mad dogs, see how they received him back home and he is as remorseless as ever. Given the chance he would commit the same crimes again, and his example is corrosive to the morals of law-abiding citizens. It seems to me not advisable for any Visegrad Bosniaks to return to their hometown under these circumstances (or if someone does, they should at least keep a .45 with them all the time, not to try to murder him, even though he deserves death, a thousand deaths; but not to be caught empty-handed should this subject or his friends try to get even.) But what will the future bring? Visegrad was up to 80% Bosniak before the Chetniks committed genocide here. It is for this reason that I advocate a military solution to the problem of Bosnia, that Bosniaks are not willing and not going to relinquish their homeland. That is, if they can ever be strong enough to take on their enemies. And I would advise all Bosnian Serbs who don’t have Bosniak blood on their hands not to stand up against the Bosniaks but to join them. For all those who do have Bosniak blood on their hands – Nothing! No quarter and no mercy! Let them suffer the fate Radovan Karadzic thought for the Bosniaks, let the blood they spilled come over their heads, let the evil they unleashed come back to haunt them. Even if it should be 50 years hence, and if they were grandaddies in a wheelchair; or if they are dead and buried, take out their graves. Not because the Bosnian Serbs or the Serb nation or the Serb people is so particularly evil, but because of the individual guilt those, ah, men have loaded on their souls. And yes, I do want the Serbofascists who might read this to understand clearly that they must pay for the evil they have unleashed, sooner or later and that the hate (yes, hate!) I and others like me feel for them is due to their deeds, and their total lack of remorse, their evil nature. Those people have richly won themselves a place in Hell, anyone who believes in God, be they Christian, Muslim or Jewish will concur in this, why should they be allowed to keep the spoils of war and to spit in the faces of their victims to boot?
    And I hope Milan Lukic will not get leniency, or if he does, that the Bosniaks finally create a special branch of service to deal with such “wet” affairs.
    Another thing: today, on the anniversary of the murder of Zoran Djindjic (remember, he was murdered for trying to hand over Mladic), posters of Ratko Mladic appeared in Belgrade. I too would put them up, not to glorify him, but to wake up the Bosniaks. To remind the world “Remember me? I’m still fighting you!” There was a poster like that in the USA in 1945 with some Japanese general and the same caption.
    But how strange: there is a restaurant called “Visegrad” right in the middle of Bascarsija in Sarajevo (quite good food even if quite expensive) and they sell liquors from a factory in Visegrad. Can anybody tell in what way are they connected to the Chetniks who have taken over there? Last time I was there, I didn’t dare ask. And what was an out of service policeman from “RS” (I saw his badges) doing at the Sarajevo railway station which is not on “RS” territory? I didn’t dare ask him either. I’m not making that up, I saw it with my own eyes.

  2. A nice slection of faces of the types of individual who get their thrills from frolicking with drunken fascist child murderers. I wonder if this kind of festivity opens up scope for the Republika Srpska Tourist Authority to promote Visegrad as a new and unque variant on the World Heritage Centre theme.

  3. visegrad92 Says:

    @Abdul Majid: The resturant “Visegrad” in Sarajevo is owned by Bosniaks, i think it’s the Seta family and they sell the local raki called “setovaca”.
    Concerning the policeman with the RS insigna, he is most probably a Bosniak working in MUP RS, but has family in the Federation. I saw this a couple of times.

  4. Abdul Majid Says:

    Thank you for telling me. Yes, most probably; then it must be OK. That there are at leasst some Bosniaks there again, and in the police force and /or teh adminaistration is a good sign.

  5. Do Not Forgive.
    Do Not Forget.

  6. Abdul Majid Says:

    Never give up.
    Never surrender.

  7. The ghosts will haunt them forever and a day. Who would want to know these people who live with the lie that it is better for them to kill a neighbor than to live with difference.

  8. Mel Osmani Says:

    Why you Bosniak people didnt create a group to kill e tortured the Milan lukic and the other serbs .Why?You have to kill everybody serbs,greek mercenary,rusian mercenary.
    I didnt heard anything for groups or organisate in Bosnia to take revenge against rapists and murderers either Greek or Serbian or Russian.
    Almira Bektovic calls from her grave for revenge,also many girls and woman musluman calls from their grave for revenge.
    Please ,do something….

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