In memoriam: Ibro Medzuseljac

Image:  Ibro Medzuseljac (born 1941), lived in Crnca and worked in Terpentina factory. Dissappeared in 1992. According to some witnesses, he was last seen being led away by Milan Lukic and Zeljko Lelek.  Ibro was a World War 2 orphan, his parents were massacred by Bosnian Serb fascists called Chetniks during the genocide in Eastern Bosnia.


One Response to “In memoriam: Ibro Medzuseljac”

  1. How many individuals can have had as much blood on their own hands as Lukic and Lelek. I hope that the faces of each and every one of their victims will occasionally pass before their eyes as they glance up at the cell walls that will hopefully remind them who they are and what they did with their misbegotten lives.

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