Ahmet and Razija Kurtalic

Image: Ahmet(Mujo) Kurtalic born 1936.

Image: Razija (Medo) Kurtalic born 1940.

Ahmet and his wife Razija were murdered infront of their home in Kurtalici along with Ahmet’s brother Muhamed. All were exhumated in 2001.


One Response to “Ahmet and Razija Kurtalic”

  1. This is the reality behind the argument over the Serbian Parliament Resolution. The two faces in these crumpled photographs are the substance of genocide. When Serbia’s elected representatives are able to face using the word we’ll know they have understood and accepted how and why their country murdered Mr and Mrs Kurtalic and thousands upon thousands of others in Visegrad, the Drina Valley, across Bosnia and elsewhere in former Yugoslavia. Srebrenica was the continuation and culmination of the work that began in 1991 and 1992.

    Were Mr and Mrs Kurtalic among the victims from Kurtalici whose remains were exhumed from the Drina per your post https://genocideinvisegrad.wordpress.com/2009/07/09/kurtalici-exhumation-video/ ? Have the individuals responsible been identified?

    other thousanintentkilled Mr and accepted t abn Ps can face up to using that word .

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