Besir Hrustic

Image: Besir (Meho) Hrustic, 25.05.1930, dissappeared during the Visegrad genocide 92-95.


One Response to “Besir Hrustic”

  1. This blog is important. It reminds the English-speaking world that genocide wasn’t confined to Srebrenica. It was a cynical programme unrolled across the whole of Bosnia. The world remembers Srebrenica and the atrocities in the Prijedor camps but it forgets or doesn’t know about the multitude of less publicised crimes that were all part of the plan to consolidate the boundaries of Serbian dominion.

    All the individuals whose photographs you display here were obstacles in the path of that murderous plan. Their faces looking out at us remind us of all the other many often nameless and graveless individuals whose deaths we should remember whenever politicians try to persuade us to turn our backs on the unresolved past.

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