Mirsad Mirvic

Image: Mirsad(Nezir) Mirvic, born 16.07.1965. in Visegrad, abducted from his workplace in Varda factory on 25.5.92 . He was a goalkeeper for a local football team.


Update: 30.09.2010 – Mirsad Mirvic was identified today by DNA analysis. He body was retrieved from the Drina River in 1992 and buried in Slap, Zepa.  In 2001, he was buried in Straziste cemetery in Visegrad as NN.

Mirsad was abducted along with Lutvo Tvrtkovic and Dzevdo Kustura. His murderers have yet to answer for their crimes.

2 Responses to “Mirsad Mirvic”

  1. http://www.bim.ba/en/54/10/2440/?tpl=58

    According to this report Mirsad Mirvic was one of the five men decapitated or shot beside the Drina by Zeljko Lelek, Milan Lukic, Oliver Krsmanovic and another .

  2. This is another pair of eyes that I hope Milan Lukic will feel watching him from the solid. solid wall of his cell.

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