Ramiz Karaman

Image: Ramiz(Hamed) Karaman, born in 1950, abducted from his workplace in “Varda” firm in 1992.


One Response to “Ramiz Karaman”

  1. From the Milan Lukic judgment:

    258. VG042 testified that she had seen Milan Lukic at the Varda factory shortly before the Varda factory incident. At about 10.30 a.m. on the same day as the Varda factory incident, Milan Lukic
    arrived at the Varda factory in a red Passat and parked near the guardhouse at the gate to the factory. VG042 stated that she saw Milan Lukic clearly. Milan Lukic was armed with a rifle,
    and he entered the sawmill and forced VG042’s husband, Ramiz Karaman, and Ahmed Kasapovic to the gate of the Varda factory. At the gate, he ordered the three men to get into the back of the Passat and drove off towards Visegrad.952 A few months later, VG042 heard that her husband’s body had been found in the Drina river. His remains were later identified in Visoko. VG042
    reaffirmed a number of times during cross-examination that her husband had been taken away that morning.

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