Abdulah Brko

Image: Abdulah(Mehmed)Brko, born in 1945;  lived in Nezuci, Visegrad. Managed to escape from Visegrad in 1992; lived in refuge in Ahmici, Vitez where he was murdered in the April 16 1993 massacre committed by the Croat Defense Council.


3 Responses to “Abdulah Brko”

  1. I remember the massacre at Ahmici as one of the most shocking episodes of the war reported on UK television. A terrible war – nowhere safe to stay, no safe escape.

  2. Allahrahmetileh….This was a senseless murder as were the majority of these during the war. The UN stood by and watch as this happened then picked the bodies up and buried them. It is pathetic that the UN soldiers never prevented these atrocities. UK troops were present in this instance.

    @Owen….were you a reported or is this just a topic of interest to you?

    The Croatian and Serbian government should be compensating victims of genocide families and now continually harbouring criminals. Even to this day they are harbouring Mladic and now Savic….

  3. No JDB, I’m afraid I was just an impotent television viewer at the time.

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