Lutvo Tvrtkovic

Image: Lutvo Tvrtkovic, lived in Jondza Street in Visegrad. Disappeared during the genocide.

4 Responses to “Lutvo Tvrtkovic”

  1. Is this the Lutvo Tvrtkovic who was one of the seven men taken by Milan Lukic from the Varda sawmill/furniture factory in his red Passat shot by him beside the Drina?

  2. There comes a point where anger and contempt for Milan Lukic and his activities is not enough. The people who gave the green light for his crimes need to answer for their role, and along with them all the people who have colluded and continue to collude in helping them evade justice.

  3. Thanks, Visegrad92, for reminding us through those few words about Lutvo Tvrtkovic that all of these people whose memory you commemorate here were flesh and blood individuals with lives in the real world that were brutally cut short.

    We must never allow the perpetrators to be seen as real people while their victims remain nothing more than a sequence of two-dimensional names. Thanks for doing all that you have done here by posting these photographs and telling us about the people in them to remind us why we have to demand justice and respect for fellow human beings and the unfinished business of Visegrad as as good a place as any to start.

  4. aida tvrtkovic Says:

    Dad RIP i miss you so much and i love you who ever put this up thank you so much.
    Aida Tvrtkovic ( Lutvos Daughter )

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