Mirsad Veletovac

Image: Mirsad Veletovac – Copak, lived in Jondza street in Visegrad.He was among the Bosniak men taken off the refugee convoy near Bosanska Jagodina.

2 Responses to “Mirsad Veletovac”

  1. Mirsad Veletovac’s name appears among the men on a bus from Visegrad who were taken off in Bosanska Jagodina and killed. http://bhstring.net/tuzlauslikama/tuzlarije/forum/viewtopic.php?TopicID=4530&page=0

    Tadeusz Mazowiecki report of 14 August 1992:


    “38. It is reported that on 26 May 1992 about 200 Muslim refugees from Visegrad hoping to reach Macedonia were turned back at the Mokra Gora border crossing into Serbia. An employee of the bus company transporting the refugees said that later that day the group was stopped outside Bosanska Jagodina by Serb forces. The witness alleges that 17 men were taken from the buses and executed on the spot.”

  2. visegrad92 Says:

    That’s right! Their bodies were identified a few years back if I’m not mistaken.

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