Mujesira Kurspahic

Image: Mujesira Kurspahic, burnt alive in Adem Omeragic’s house in Pioneer Street by Bosnian Serb soldiers. Around 60 Bosnian civilians were barricaded and burnt alive on June 14 1992.


2 Responses to “Mujesira Kurspahic”

  1. They will pay for their deeds in afterlive forever.

  2. How could anyone with a claim to be human have listened to the screams that must have come from that house and then go on to do the same at Bikavac only a couple of weeks later. It beggars belief that men can sink to the depths of such callous depravity. And how about all those people who must have known what was done? How do they live with the shame of having colluded and acquiesced in deeds done in their name, even if it wasn’t to their order?

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