Hasib Sisic

Image: Hasib Sisic, born in Medjedja near Visegrad on  29.09.1965. Worked in Varda sawmill. Disappeared 0n 21.05.1992 around 17.00 p.m. from his house in Pioneer Street. He was named after his grandmother’s(Munira) borther who disappeared during the WW2 genocide in Eastern Bosnia.


One Response to “Hasib Sisic”

  1. Sadly we know that people don’t just “disappear”. Someone disappears them. In my lifetime sadly I’ve seen the verb “disappear” transformed from signifying a basically intransitive action with a subject and no object to being a transitive verb that has a victim. I trust the person or persons who “disappeared” Hasib Sisic and others will have their identities dragged out from obscurity.

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