Visegrad, 14.06.1992-14.06.2010

Image: A grave of an unidentified Visegrad victim in Straziste cemetary.

Image: A crushed wooden tomb of an unidentified Visegrad victim in Straziste cemetary.

Image: Victim families and survivors gather infront of Adem Omeragic’s house in Pionirska Street to commemorate the victims who were burnt alive in this house on 14.06.1992 by Bosnian Serb Army soldiers.

Image: Survivors look at pictures of Bosnian Serb Army soldiers responsible for committing crimes in and around Visegrad from 1992-1995.

Image: A picture of Radomir(Radovan)Susnjar placed on the remains of Adem Omeragic’s house in Pionirska Street. According to witnesses, Susnjar took part in burning alive around 70 Bosniaks. He lives in France today.

Image: Pictures of Bosniak victims who were burnt alive in Pionirska Street.


3 Responses to “Visegrad, 14.06.1992-14.06.2010”

  1. I hope some of the people who would rather not acknowledge that anything happened were unable to avoid seeing the assembly. It must have been painful for the survivors. Their bravery and your commitment to ensuring this crime is properly remembered are important to all of us who believe that the betrayal of human rights is an outrage that lasts more than the passing moment.

    Whose are the names under the rest of the pictures on that wall of shame?

  2. I guess Visegrad was like a ghost town on the day and the pictures and notices disappeared overnight after the families an. Survivors left.

    It’s hard to believe that anyone can deny what happened, so the silence and denial must be a mixture of shame, fear of reprisals for speaking out and refusal to admit that they could participate in or stand aside and let such brutality happen.

  3. I’m just posting the information about the commemoration of the Bikavac fire on Sunday in case you don’t have time.

    27 June (Sunday) is the anniversary of the Bikavac house fire in 1992 and this year, the same as for the Pionirska Street fire, will be the first commemoration since Milan Lukic’s conviction.

    If anyone in Sarajevo might want to attend the commemoration – or knows any members of the foreign press / diplomatic community who’d be interested – there’ll be a bus leaving Sarajevo at 8 am.

    For further details contact Bakira Haseccic at Women Victims of War, Zena Zrtva Rata tel. +387 61 272 000 / email: / website: or Višegrad Genocide Memories Blog editor – email:

    Zehra Turjacanin, who must be one of the bravest people on the planet and whose testimony helped convict one of the 20th century’s most brutal criminals, was the only survivor. Her evidence to the ICTY is at

    It’s not to be read ahead of doing something light-hearted.

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