Mustafa Smajic

Image: Mustafa Smajic born in 1933, disappeared in Visegrad 1992.


2 Responses to “Mustafa Smajic”

  1. We have to hope that at some stage the families of Mr Smajic and all the other people who were disappeared by the Visegrad ethnic cleansing operation will have news of their fate. Their fate is the actual substance of genocide. As long as the perpetrators – minor as well as major – continue to walk the streets of Visegrad, hopefully the stirring of memory will stir a moment of anxiety to chill their tranquility.

  2. Abdulmajid Says:

    I wish there was a bullet with the name of each and everyone of the serbofascist henchmen on it. And even that would be too good, for it would mean for them a relatively painless death and their families would bury them with full Serb honors, and continue to live there and to tell “their version” of the genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade; while they threw their victims in garbage dumps. Those men(?) should be broken on the wheel or dismembered and their carrion fed to the ravens and vultures. Or if they have died in the meantime, their headstones should be shattered to gravel and their remains be dug up and burnt, and the ashes thrown into the river. Because of their own evil deeds they have resigned from the human race. They merit a slow and painful death, or indeed each and every single death they have caused, and eternal damnation. Only those Bosnian Serbs who offer a sincere and genuine apology for the genocidal anti-Bosniak crusades of 1941-45 and 1992-95 and genuinely distance themselves from said crusades, should be allowed to live in Bosnia, or to live at all. Who in any which ever way supports, denies, belittles or justifies them, for whatever motive, should suffer the fate they want for Bosniaks. No matter what age or sex they are.

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