The Vilic Family

Image: The Vilic family which was burnt alive in Bikavac live pyre. The only remaning member of this family is Hamdija Vilic.

During the Lukic trial, Hamdija was offered a bribe to give a false statement to the court by Lukic’s defence.

Vilic Mina 01.01.1956 Višegrad

Vilic Nihad 01.01.1985 Višegrad

Vilic Nihada 01.01.1981 Višegrad

Vilic Zihmeta 01.01.1984  Višegrad


3 Responses to “The Vilic Family”

  1. How terrible to lose such a beautiful family. But how courageous of Mr Vilic to defy the perverted Lukic defence team and their criminal tactics. Thanks to his example and that of Zehra Turjacanin and all the other people who were determined to tell the world the truth, in spite of all the tricks that criminal lawyers can get up to, Milan Lukic is behind bars and war criminals know that the world will hold them accountable for what they do.

  2. Abdulmajid Says:

    Unfortunately the appellate chamber of the ICTY has shown an incredible and insulting leniency towards, f. ex. Biljana Plavsic, Momcilo Krajisnik and Mitar Vasiljevic among others. I do believe in justice. But I do not trust a judiciary which acts like the Appellate Chamber of the ICTY does, which at the same time has upheld the conviction of Gen. Rasim Delic. I do not trust an “international community” which lets “repluka srpska” standing and allows the henchmen of the genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade to go free and to continue insulting and intimidating their victims. And let me add that until 1975 there was a totalitarian dictatorship in Spain too, but after its demise you never saw that degree of brutality and violence as in the former Yugoslavia. Why? because Tito’s was a COMMUNIST dictatorship, and the culture and ambient of terror, deceit, betrayal and malice, and its destruction of the middle class led directly to Greater Serb fascism and the anti-Bosiak genocide. Franco’s regime and the way it came to power was also by incredible and unspeakable violence, but in today’s Spain terror of such a magnitude or another civil war is very unlikely. Likewise in Japan you don’t have any more such an ambient of violence even though until September 1945 it was also a culture of incredible brutality, and many officials of this time continued to call the shots well into the 1960s and 70s (e.g. Yoshida Shigeru, Prime Minister after the war until 1953 had been the Tenno’s ambassdoer to Mussolini. How about that for a career?) But in Bosnia? with “repluka srpska” With a Serbia in which a large proportion of teh people and teh leadership are unwilling to give up on Greater Serb illusions of grandeur? On committing genocide against teh Bosnaiks again if the chance presents itself? (and how do I know this? Because politicians still say so; because the Serb government’s Srebrenica Declaration carefully avoids the term genocide; because of this chetnik song which is still played on Serb radio to this day, as well as a popular wedding ballad; it goes something like this: “Krajina Serbs where will we go to slaughter, where will we go to slaughter/Will we slaughter the Croats, or the Muslims, or the Muslims/There will be slaughter, there will be slaughter, there will be rape!”. I even have a video download here so nobody can say I made this up. So I just know many Serbs are genocidal anti-Muslim criminals thirsty of Bosniak blood. Like their grandfathers and their great-great-grandfathers before them; like their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be, what with the education they get. Until they should prove to me otherwise. And even then I would not trust them. But by their Bosniak-baiting and Muslim-bashing statements I get to read on B92, BalkanInsight and RFE/RL each and every day, they only prove me right.)
    I think they chose Mr. Vilic intentionally to insult and to humiliate the Bosniaks, or they were very foolish. Who would agree to such an evil scheme, to help the murderer of his family get off the hook? But then the Serbs think “we can sweep the floor with the balije, and there’s nothing they can do about it!” I wish they were very wrong on that.
    But like I said, most war criminals still think they will be let off easily. And unfortunately they’re right. Nothing new under the sun. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. History repeats itself. What goes round must come round. Same thing everyday. No need of me complaining, my objection’s overruled.

  3. Too much leniency has been shown to criminals who should rightly have been given indeterminate life sentences. Fortunately Patrick Robinson has seen through the self-serving deceit of Krajisnik’s application for early release.

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