Bikavac Revisited 27.06.2010

On 27.06.2010, dozens of family members and survivors arrived to Bikavac to mark the anniversary of Bikavac live pyre were around 70 Bosniaks(Bosnian Muslims) were barricaded into a house and burnt alive. Around a dozen American students from the University of Colorado Denver accompanied the survivors and payed their respects to the victims.

Peter Jacob Gorman, one of the students from Colorado took the following photos. We thank him for contributing to the memory of Visegrad Genocide.

Image: Family members of victims kiss the pictures of their loved ones, Bikavac, Visegrad, 2010)

Image: Bosniak women, family members of victims look for their loved ones.

Image: Pictures of victims of the live pyre placed on the site of the massacre.

Image: Bosniak women at the commemoration of the Bikavac masscare.

Image: People crowded the site where Meho Aljic’s house once used to stand.

Image: Meho Aljic, in middle, owner of the house where 70 Bosniaks were burnt alive by Bosnian Serb soldiers in June 1992.

Image: Esad Tufekcic lost his wife and two children in the Bikavac massacre.

Image: Esad Tufekcic and other family members place flowers at the site of the massacre.

Photo credits: Peter Jacob Gorman

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One Response to “Bikavac Revisited 27.06.2010”

  1. Very moving photographs. It’s grim to think that twice as many people died in the one room as the number of people we can see in the large group photo.

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