Missing persons institute investigators shot at in Bosnian Serb entity

VGM comment:A few days ago the dam in Bajina Basta shut down its activities due to repairs so the water level of the Drina river lowered causing several skeletons to show up on the river banks. During the genocide in Visegrad, hundreds of bodies of Bosniak victims were dumped into the Drina river. This attempt to terrorize representatives of Missing persons institute and ICMP show that the local community is very well aware of the fate of their former neighbours.

“It then emerged that in June 1992, a Visegrad police inspector, Milan Josipovic, had received a macabre complaint from the manager of Bajina Basta hydroelectric plant across the Serbian border, asking whoever was responsible to please slow the flow of corpses down the Drina. They were clogging up the culverts in his dam,…”

The Warlord of Visegrad, Ed Vulliamy,Nerma Jelacic, The Guardian, Thursday 11 August 2005

Image: The damn in Bajina Basta and the Perucac lake near Visegrad.

Jul 27, 2010 (BBC Monitoring via COMTEX) — [Announcer] Investigators of the Bosnia-Hercegovina Institute for Missing Persons and personnel of the International Commission for Missing Persons [ICMP] were shot at today from Blace village in Visegrad municipality, immediately after they had got out of a boat on the Perucac Lake, the institute has announced. The police said an investigation was under way.

[Reporter Sevda Curo] Around 1300 [1100 gmt], employees of the Institute for Missing Persons working in the field in Visegrad, reported to the police that they had been shot at. There were no casualties in the shooting which the institute believes came from Curevici village.

[Amor Masovic, B-H Institute for Missing Persons] Today, while leaving a boat in which we travelled from Zepa, after six investigators and ICMP representatives had disembarked, shots were fired at the boat pilot and a bullet hit the place where he was sitting, five centimetres from him. Tomorrow we are continuing our investigations although it is evident that we are not welcome here.

[Passage omitted: Serb Republic police confirm shooting was reported]

[Reporter] The team of the Institute for Missing Persons is carrying out investigations at the Perucac Lake where bodies of at least 20 people have so far been found.

Source: BHTV1, Sarajevo, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 1700 gmt 27 Jul 10


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