Drina – biggest grave site in the Balkans

The Associated Press
2 August 2010

Sarajevo public workers help forensic experts look for Bosnia war victims thrown into a river

SARAJEVO, Aug 2 (AP) — Officials say about 50 public employees in Sarajevo will help forensic experts search for the remains of people killed during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war and thrown into the Drina River.

Amor Masovic, the head of the Bosnian Institute for Missing Persons, said Monday that transit landscaping and mortuary workers will help his 12 experts inspect 72 miles (116 kilometres) of muddy lake banks in the next week. That’s when the water level of the Lake Perucac [reservoir] will be low, due to dam maintenance.

Over 1,000 Muslim Bosnians disappeared from around the city of Visegrad in 1992 when Serb forces took control of the area. Over a hundred skeletons have already been flushed to the shores of the man-made lake, which is fed by the Drina River.

Image: Sarajevo public workers receive instructions from Amor Masovic(Head of Missing Persons Institute) before their trip to Visegrad.

Image: Sarajevo Public workers and war crime investigators prepare to start examining the Drina banks for remains of genocide victims.

Image: A skeleton surfaces on the Drina river banks.

Image: ICMP and Missing Persons Institute investigators examine the remains of a genocide victim.

Image: Sarajevo Public workers dig through the Drina river banks looking for remains of genocide victims.

Image: Drina river banks being examined by war crimes investigators.

Image: War crimes investigators looking for remains of genocide victims.

Image: Remains of a genocide victims being exhumed by ICMP personnel.

Image: Drina river banks being examined by Sarajevo Public workers, ICMP personnel and Missing Persons Institute personnel.

Photo credits: Velma Saric

All photos taken in Musici village, Visegrad Municipality and  Musicke Stjene, Visegrad Municipality.


5 Responses to “Drina – biggest grave site in the Balkans”

  1. Eighteen years on the dead are coming back to point a finger at the guilty parties. I trust there are at least a few individuals whose sleep has not been so refreshing this last week or so.

  2. It would seem that you can hide the truth for so long, but there’s no running away from or ignoring a pile of sad, twisted corpses. I wonder how the wall of silence will deal with this.

  3. Is there any information about reactions in Visegrad to what is going on at the lake?

  4. visegrad92 Says:

    @Owen: No, no reactions expect for the shooting incident.

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