Exhumations at Perucac lake

Perucac lake, a very popular tourist destination for Serbian and foreign tourists has been a large exhumation site in the last month. Over a hundred remains of Bosniak victims from Visegrad have been found. All of them were murdered by Bosnian Serb forces in 1992 and their bodies dumped into the Drina River.

Image: Teeth and a comb of a Bosniak victim found at Perucac lake.(Photo credits: Velija Hasanbegovic©)

Image: Bones of a Bosniak victim found at Perucac lake.(Photo credits: Velija Hasanbegovic©)

Image: Remains of a victim’s jaw found at Perucac lake.(Photo credits: Velija Hasanbegovic©)

Image: A volunteer helping investigators find remains of genocide victims.(Photo credits: Velija Hasanbegovic©)

Image: A plastic bag found on Perucac lake containing bones of a baby along with a child’s comb. ( Photo credits: Hida Kasapovic)

Image: A rope used to tie victim’s hands and a watch found on Perucac lake.( Photo credits: Hida Kasapovic)

Image: A victim’s notebook and a hamajlija (amulet) found in Perucac lake. (Photo credits: Hida Kasapovic)

Image: A victim’s remains along with clothing and boots found on Perucac lake.( Photo credits: Hida Kasapovic)

3 Responses to “Exhumations at Perucac lake”

  1. Katastrofačno, ako državne institucije nešto ne preduzmu HITNO i Institut za nestale BiH ne izađe javno kaže zašto se do danas nisu oglasili i iznijeli stanje na terenu. Zašto nisu tražil angažovanje vojske BiH, javnih ustanova, civilne zaštite, građani BiH. Zašto se ide autobusom gdje dođe 10-12 ljudi autobusi se plaćaju. Zašto se putem elektronskih medija ne sačini PLAN i PROGRAM odlaska. Ako na ovaj način bude se radilo ni dokle se neće doći i nikada nećemo pronaći svje najrođenije, a imamo priliku. ZAŠTO? Zašto se ne pozovu sve NVO, zašto. Mi NVO smo nemoćni u odnosu na državne instituticje i Institut za traženje nestalih BiH. Moramo izvršiti HITAN pritisak na državne institucije ako treba i protestima ali što prije dani prolaze i sada je okasnilo od prvog dana je trebalo uvesti subote i nedelje. Svi pametuju, mudruju a u stvari se svako jutro čeka hoće li se neko smilovati i doći. ZAŠTO. Trebao se postaviti šator, kuhinja i mnogi bi ostajali ali uz jako obezbjeđenje MUP RS upravo onog MUP-a koji je planirao, odobrio ubijanja, a to se je moglo zašto nije već nam policja govori ne možete kraćim putem do odredišta zbog bezbjednosti kakve bezbjednosti nije bilo ratnih dejstava osim ako oni poture nagazne mine ili oni ponovo ne pucaj na nas. Vrijednije su kosti naših najrođenijih nego HE Perućac

  2. For the benefit of Anglophones (translated by a generous friend), Bakira’s comment reads:

    This is a catastrophic situation if State institutions don’t do something URGENTLY and if the BiH Institute for Missing Persons won’t speak out publicly and explain why they have been keeping quiet about the situation on the ground? Why haven’t they asked to bring in the BiH Armed Forces, public institutions, civil defence bodies and ordinary citizens? Why use buses to transport just 10-12 people? It’s just a waste of money. Why don’t they start by making a PLAN and drawing up a PROGRAM to circulate via the electronic media? If this is how the government intends to carry out the work, we’re not going to achieve very much and we’re never going to find our nearest and dearest, in spite of the opportunity we have at this moment. WHY? Why not involve all the NGOs (non-governmental organizations), why not? We NGOs are powerless compared to State institutions and the Institute for the Missing in BiH. We need to force government institutions to act URGENTLY – through public protests if necessary. Action is needed as soon as possible, time’s running out. It may be too late already, we ought to have been using Saturdays and Sundays right from the start. Everybody is trying to do things intelligently and carefully but in practice it’s a matter of waiting for people to show willing and turn up. We need tents and meals and a forceful presence of RS Police to guarantee our safety. This is the same Ministry of Interior Affairs that planned and authorized the killings, why are they telling us that we can’t take short cuts to get to where we’re going because of security risks? What security risks? There are no military operations taking place in the area now, unless it’s laying land mines and deliberately shooting at us. The bones of our dead are worth more than the Perucac hydro-electric power station.

  3. Zed Bas Says:

    Work of GENOCIDAL Republika Srpska… Local Serbs know what transpired here in 1992, they can chose to remain with their heads in the sand, be ignorant and evil…For how long?

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