Jelena Rasic – initial appearance

Jelena Rasic is seen during her initial appearance in the courtroom of the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in The Hague September 22, 2010. Rasic, former legal case manager for a Bosnian Serb convicted of mass murder, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to contempt-of-court charges for allegedly paying three witnesses to provide false testimony. Rasic is accused of handing over 1,000 Euro ($1337) each to three men whose testimony was intended to clear Milan Lukic of involvement in the murder of a group of Muslim men summarily executed in June 1992, and faces a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment if convicted of the five counts.


2 Responses to “Jelena Rasic – initial appearance”

  1. Did she ever look Lukic in the eye and for one moment imagine herself back to somewhere like Vilina Vlas or Bikavac?

  2. EUR 1.000 = 30 pieces of silver

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