Image: Nezir(Alija)Selak, born 01.01.1972 in Visegrad.

From the Lukic judgement:

284. Milan Lukic then put Alija Selak, Nezir Selak, and Mirsad Hota into the Passat.1061 At this moment, Huso Hota arrived.1062 VG141 heard Huso Hota telling Milan Lukic to leave his son aloneand to take him instead.1063 VG133 heard Huso Hota asking Milan Lukic if he could hug his son,Mirsad Hota.1064 Milan Lukic ordered Huso Hota to get in the car as well.1065 VG141 testified thatshe was watching events from the balcony, along with others, and that she saw VG133 and hermother-in-law and father-in-law watching from another balcony.1066 Milan Lukic then drove AlijaSelak, Nezir Selak, Mirsad Hota, and Huso Hota down to the “old Visegrad bridge” over the Drina river.1067

285. From the balconies, VG133 and VG141 saw Nezir Selak wave his arms “as if gesturing toMilan in a conversation”.1070 They then saw Milan Lukic shoot him, and shoot the other threemen.1071

Nezir Selik was identified by DNA analysis a few days ago.


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