Milan Lukic’s sadistic humour

Image: Milan Lukic and Vidoje Andric leaning on the infamous red passat which belonged to Behija Zukic-one of Milan’s first victims.
While some Defence witnesses have described Sredoje and Milan LUKIC as
being disposed toward humour many of the victims recount sadistic humour at the expense of vulnerable people. Men who were killed by the Drina were sometimes asked if they could swim just before they were killed.84
Just prior to killing the two boys with VG-089 on the new bridge Milan LUKIC said “We’re out of petrol. We have to take the Drina river. It’s true, it’s a bit cold, but nevermind.”85
Once in the police station and upon seeing the father of a former schoolmate asking for LUKIC’s help, LUKIC said, “I won’t kill you – – I’ll slit your throat”.86
During the course of his many rapes Milan LUKIC would often joke about planning to marry the victims, or that they would now carry “little Milans”87
He laughed in the parking lot of the Visegrad Health Centre as Behija ZUKIC’s body was brought to the morgue while he was sitting in her car.88
VG-089 described a chilling scene when Milan LUKIC threw a 14-year-old boy off the new bridge in Visegrad and then shot him; another boy who was there began crying and frantically trying to find coins in his pocket to give to LUKIC. Some of the coins fell to the pavement and the little boy tried to pick them up to give LUKIC. LUKIC reached down toward the boy and told him not to worry – that he would do nothing. As soon as he said this he quickly tossed the boy over the rail and into the river.89
Source: Prosecution brief Milan Lukic Appeals Chamber (page 21)

5 Responses to “Milan Lukic’s sadistic humour”

  1. You can see the woman on the right covering her face, probably not wanting to have her identity associated with the horrors happening in Visegrad.

    Lukic is total evil, you wonder what he would have done if there had been no war – probably a serial rapist or murderer.

    Where is the photo from? I haven’t seen that one before.

  2. visegrad92 Says:

    Hi Andy, unfortunately I have to disagree with you I don’t think that the woman purposely covered her face, I think it was caught in the moment. As you can see small children, most probably some of them are the woman’s freely walk around. This woman is from the neighborhood known as Lipa. The house behind the two soldiers is Oliver Krsmanovic’s house(this is what I am being told by former neighbors). Krsmanovic is Lukic’s associate and is currently “hiding” in Visegrad. He is wanted by the Serb authorities for the Strpci and Sjeverin cases.
    This photo was taken from the ICTY legal library. It was used in the Lukic case.

  3. Srebrenica Genocide Says:

    Latest on Milan Lukic, see video where Milan Lukic tells the judge: “I DON’T FEEL GOOD”

  4. So that’s the notorious red Passat. And those are the Lords of the Universe sitting on the bonnet. What a stand-up comic Lukic imagined himself to be.

    Have the Serb authorities thought of asking – in a nice way, of course – whether the Visegrad police know Mr Krsmanovic and are aware that he is not wanted for trial, he is actually supposed to be serving a twenty year sentence for murder and torture?

  5. Vidoje Andric got killed. I hope to see Lukic go more slowly, and preferably in excruciating pain.

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