Partisan heritage destroyed in Visegrad

Image: A commemorative plaque which was on the walls of the old high-school in Visegrad broken by workers. The old building is being destroyed to build a new HQ of the Visegrad dam. (Photo credits:

The text read :„Jedinice Prve Krajiske brigade oslobodile su 24 oktobra 1943 prvi put Visegrad.U znak sjećanja i zahvalnosti oslobodiocima našeg grada opštinski odbor Saveza boraca NOR-a podiže ovu Spomen ploču. u Višegradu, 4. jula 1957. godine“.


“Forces of the First Krajina Brigade liberated this town for the first time on 24 October 1943. As a token of our appreciation  to the liberators of our town, the municipality council of  Association of war veterans made this plaque on 4 July 1957”

Luckily, so neighbors quickly came and saved what was possible to save of this plaque. The Municipality showed no interest in saving this valuable piece of history.


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