List of participants of Visegrad Public Security Station 1991-1996

For years victim families asked their pre-war Serb friends and neighbors  about the whereabouts of their loved ones. The most common answer was that they were not in Visegrad at that time or that they were cooks in the military and knew nothing. Below is a list of participants in the Visegrad Public Security Station ( Centar Javne Bezbjednosti) from 1991 – 1996. This list is available at the ICTY Legal Library and was used in the Lukic cases.

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3 Responses to “List of participants of Visegrad Public Security Station 1991-1996”

  1. Bare lists of names can sometimes be misleading. Is there any explanation why a number of the individuals listed only served from 4 April until 16, 17 or 18 May 1992?

  2. Firstly, this is a list of all persons who at some point between 1991-1996, were members of the Public Security Station. That is why some people are listed for a couple of days and some for the whole war period. Some persons who were listed only for a few days, volunteered or were enlisted for duty during the most crucial period (April, May – establishing the SDS government). Some of the persons who were members of the PSS were later members of the Bosnian Serb Army.

  3. Thanks, that elaboration is helpful.

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