Rasim Torohan

Image: Rasim Torohan, a Professor, disappeared in Visegrad in 1992. Milan Lukic and Mitar Vasiljevic are suspected to have abducted him.

VG81 testimony at the Vasiljevic and Lukc cases:

That was on the 9th of June. .(…). We saw Mitar and Milan then, together with another individual, and Professor Rasim Torohan came by. He’s a short man, wears glasses. He couldn’t see anything without his glasses. And they were arguing on the road. We were in one of the bushes near the road. And they pushed Rasim into the car and drove him in the direction of Visegrad. I don’t know what happened to Rasim after that, but he hasn’t been seen ever since.


One Response to “Rasim Torohan”

  1. In Section II L of the Lukic Trial Judgment Rasim Torohan’s disappearance (para 853) is just one of the instances of daylight mayhem that confirm Milan Lukic’s utter lack of concern that there might be any intervention by the civil or military authorities to hinder his enjoyment of the personal adventure playground he had turned Visegrad into. VisegradGenocide, you’ve referred to the Lukicisation of what happened in Visegrad. The people who gave the psychopathic Lukic free licence to behave in the way he did should not be left hiding in the shadows ignored just because Lukic’s terrible crimes were so flagrant.

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