Fadil Uzicanin-Aziz Hreljic

Image: Fadil Uzicanin, born 12.09.1955 in Visegrad.

Fadil Uzicanin was a Bosnain Army soldier who was missing in action during a battle in Holijaci on 30.04.1993.  His remains were exhumed  in October 2009 from Straziste cemetery in Visegrad. VGM wrote about the exhumation of 3 bodies in 2009. Fadil was 38 years old when he disappeared. How Fadil managed to end up from Holijaci(a settlement near Visegrad) to Straziste cemetery is still unknown. It is suspected that Fadil was injured in battle and caught by the Bosnain Serb Army.

Image: Aziz Hreljic

Aziz Hreljic born on 15.03.1940 in Visegrad, was 52 years old when he was abducted from his house in Visegrad on 22.06.1992.

There was also a third woman identified. We will write about her as soon as we get more information.


+ Exhumation at mass grave in Straziste

Straziste mass grave – Part 2


One Response to “Fadil Uzicanin-Aziz Hreljic”

  1. It’s not the victims who are degraded even further by the disposal of thier bodies with the rubbish, it’s the perpetrators. Perhaps one day the Visegrad municipal waste tip will be renamed in commemoration of their depravity.

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