Murat & Fatima Saracevic

Image: Murat Sarcevic

Murat Sarcevic was born on 03.07.1932 in Priboj, Serbia. He worked in the State Railway and lived in Visegrad. In the first days of July 1992, he was abducted along with his cousin and neighbour Avdo Haskic from Mahmut Busatlije Street number 31. According to some sources they were abducted by Milan Lukic and some of his men including Veljko Planincic aka Razonoda. They were murdered and buried at the remains of the destroyed mosque in the center of Visegrad. Later on their bodies were replaced to Garce settlement on the banks of the Drina River. Their remains have not yet been found.

Image: Fatima Saracevic

Fatima Saracevic was born on 05.02.1931 in Visegrad. She was a saleswoman working in Visegrad. In mid-July 1992, she was abducted from the house of Hasan and Almasa Smajlovic in Mahmut Busatlije Street. She was hiding there along with 19 other woman and children. According to some sources, they were taken to the Rzav bridge in Visegrad and murdered there by members of Milan Lukic’s group and by members of Visegrad Police forces. It is suspected that this group of women was murdered to avenge the death of Dragan Tomic(high-ranking Serb police officer who was killed in action in a battle near Visegrad).  Neither her remains nor the remains of the other women and children has been found.

Source: Mubera C.


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  1. There seems to be a possible typo – Murat Sarcevic or Murat Saracevic?

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