Dzemail & Sulejman Kustura

Image: Dzemail Kustura, born 08.02.1953, worked in ‘Granit’ firm in Visegrad.

Image: Sulejman Kustura worked in ‘Terpentina’ firm in Visegrad.

Brothers Dzemail and Sulejman Kustura(father’s name: Latif) were born in Brezje and lived in Ban Polje until June 1992 when they were abducted by Bosnian Serb Police. They were arrested by Jovisa Planojevic and several other officers from the Police Station(SUP) on 03.06.1992. They were told that they were being led for interrogation. They have been missing ever since.

According to some sources, they ended up in Uzamnica concentration camp. It is also suspected that Dragan(Nedje) Sekulic visited the camp frequently and knows what happened to them. Interestingly, Jovisa Planojevic was Sulejman’s work colleague from ‘Terpentina’ firm. Dragan Sekulic was a Kustura family neighbour.


One Response to “Dzemail & Sulejman Kustura”

  1. Concealing the fate of the dead is an ongoing crime against the families and against justice. Anyone who knows what happened to these two men commits a new crime every day the families wake up without a resolution. And if that is where the chain of responsibilty leads, so too does Biljana Plavsic every day of liberty she enjoys while her accomplices in genocide at Visegrad continue to enjoy impunity.

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