Sada and Selmir Turjacanin

Image: Sada Turjacanin(left) and her son Selmir(middle), both victims of the Bikavac fire massacre on 27.06.1992. Sada was 29 and Selmir was 9 years old.


3 Responses to “Sada and Selmir Turjacanin”

  1. A man like Dodik draws his power and prosperity from the legacy not just of genocide but of child abuse on the most unimaginable scale. I wonder just how many of those who vote for him would be able to come to this site, look at this picture and think of the nine year old boy this child became being murdered in the most gruesome fashion, and think with satisfaction to themselves, That’s what my vote supports.

  2. Will the Serbian Parliament ever apologise for Serbia’s crimes of child abuse? Could they face debating the word “infanticide”?

  3. Zed Bas Says:

    This is why Republika Srpska is the ultimate Genocidal state and will NOT survive…

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