Adis Delija

Image: 2 year old Adis Delija and his mother Jasmina were burnt alive in Adem Omeragic’s house in Pionirska Street on 14 June 1992 by Bosnian Serb Army soldiers and policemen.

3 Responses to “Adis Delija”

  1. I’ve wondered what to say about my reaction to this photograph, but there’s nothing you can say that has the capacity to accommodate the knowledge of what happened to this child and his mother.

  2. Zed Bas Says:

    Even more terrifying than the thought of what happened in Visegrad in 1992 is the fact that most local Serbs have not even a slightest remorse for what happened right in front of their eyes…It’s as thought these people have been totally posessed by evil…

    Unfortunately Europe hasn’t learned anything from WWII and even now, 15 years after the war ended is afraid to show any decisive action in Bosnia. I’m afraid all this will eventually lead to bloodshed again…

  3. miss you

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