Samir (Nurko) Dervisevic

Image: Samir (Nurko) Dervisevic

Samir was born on 28.06.1977, he was abducted in front of his house on 14.06.1992 – just a few days before his 15th birthday. Samir was with two friends in the Lipa neighborhood when they were abducted; only one managed to survive and according to his testimony his friends were murdered on the new bridge in Visegrad.

Milan Lukic and two other Bosnian Serb soldiers drove the three boys to the new bridge in the infamous red passat. The car stopped on the bridge and Milan Lukic said :  “We’re out of petrol. We have to take the Drina River. It’s true it’s a bit cold, but never mind.”

VG-89 (Witness at the Lukic trial):

He [Milan Lukic] walked by me and grabbed Samir, who had a tracksuit on. He grabbed the top of his tracksuit. His rifle was on his shoulder, so he grabbed Samir and threw him over the side of the bridge. Samir tried to grab the side of the bridge, but it had been raining in Visegrad before the 14th. The railing was made of iron. It was slippery, so he slipped and fell into the water. (…) He took the sniper rifle off his shoulder. He — he took his rifle into his hands, stabilising it against the railing, and he hit Samir with one bullet.



2 Responses to “Samir (Nurko) Dervisevic”

  1. I just think, damn those sick people and their evil accomplices like Trifkovic. Nothing will ever bring that poor kid back.

  2. Abdulmajid Says:

    Milan Lukic, Trifkovic and all those murderous cowardly sadist scum should each and every one of them first be marched around the streets on their knees, chained and handcuffed and with a stone slab around their necks stating their crimes – Chinese style. They should be made to die not one but a thousand deaths. They should be made to beg for execution but only then executed when it becomes obviously impossible to keep them alive much longer. Their corpses should be burned and their ashes scattered, so that no monument to their evil memory can be built. My, against this horrible monster even someone like Ernst Kaltenbrunner or Berija seems a nice guy. And since their families and friends support them, they should be expelled from Bosnia with just their clothes on their backs, and all memory of them erased. Their very names should cease to exist! And the guys who had such “fun” at Vilina Vlas raping 11-year old Bosniak girls should have their private parts cut off and doused in gasoline and set on fire. They should be made to watch them burn and then be left to blled to death, then their corpses too shoudl be burned. And yes I would want to do that myself without any qualms, even if it were 50 years from now and the criminals should by then be a feeble old granddaddy in a wheel chair. And I would want to punch any serbofascist idiot who denies, belittles or justifies the Serb genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade so hard on his mouth that all his teeth are broken! And kick him in his privates until they are damaged beyond repair! As for Vilina Vlas it is unacceptable that it functions as a spa and wellness hotel again and generates profit – sulrely for the very same people who did “their” part in teh genocidal anti-Bosniaik crusade. No, if it can’t be demolished it should be expropriated without any compensation and turned into a Museum of Horror and Genocide, just like Tuol Sleng in Cambodia!
    Sorry, I’m not usually like that but that horrible man really deserves not one but a thousand deaths. I have a small daughter too and I love her very much and I swear I will kill anybody who harms her even if I should lose my life. If you read the crude anti-Muslim jingoism and the incredible lies and insults and Bosniak-baiting on soem web sites, like B92 (their reporting is all right but the comments of some people are beyond good and evil) you will surely understand why am glad that nobody has as yet talked to me like that, for even though I know it would be better to show them conclusive proof that they are wrong, my first impulse really is to give them a mouthful of knuckles. For I can’t respect as a human being anyone who defends such monstrosity and evil.
    And another thing: Serbia really woudl do better to see that Ratko Mladic is caught and brought to justice and that also the small fry are, because there were hundreds of thousands of Milan Lukics and they are all still free and brag about their crimes – and threaten with death those who dare expose them. The case of Jovan Mirilo, who exposed the “Skorpioni” video comes to mind. If Ratko Mladic is allowed to die in freedom, then I think that it is so because the whole Serb nation, or better said, a very significant majority of Serbs stand behind this man and what he represents. If this is so then I think the Bosniaks have all the right in the world to exact revenge and retribution from the descendants of the Rako Mladics, Radovan Karadzics and Milan Lukics of today. With interests. Even thousand years hence. After all the Serbs see nothing wrong with doing just that.

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