First victims from Perucac identified

Image: Roses on the Mehmed-pasa Sokolovic Bridge in Visegrad. Copyright: Velija Hasanbegovic

Around a dozen skeletons were found on the Serbian border during the Perucac exhumations last year. The first DNA identification results arrived recently:

  1. Rabija (Mede)Tabakovic, 18 years old, disappeared in Drinsko, Visegrad on 09.06.1992
  2. Huso (Fehima) Hota, 31 years old, disappeared in Visegrad on 10.06.1992
  3. Kasim (Halila) Memisevic, 69 years old, disappeared in May 1992 in Drinsko, Visegrad.
  4. Sabahudin (Eniza) Zulcic, 23 years old, disappeared on 29.05.1992 in Visegrad
  5. Husein(Osmana) Vilic, 38 years old, disappeared on 18.06.1992 in Visegrad
  6. Habib (Imsira) Hajdarevic, 72 years old, disappeared on 16.06.1992 in Visegrad
  7. Aziz(Hasiba) Kustura, disappeared on 28.05.1992 in Visegrad

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