“Justice will come”

In 1992, photographer Velija Hasanbegović was nearly executed alongside his brother and father on the banks of the Drina River in Bosnia. Though he escaped, nearly 3,000 of his fellow Bosnian Muslims would be killed in and around his hometown of Visegrad that year alone.

Last summer, he returned to the site of his near execution to photograph the exhumation of hundreds of human remains and document the aftermath of the killings. That story is told in a series of 75 images, “Visegrad Genocide Memories,” an exhibition that came to Central European University this March.

CEU’s Center for Arts and Culture — along with enterprising student Elmina Kulasic — invited Hasanbegovic to share his photos, and for the first time in public, to share his own harrowing tale of survival.

Learn more about all the special exhibitions that take place at CEU on our website, http://www.ceu.hu.


Produced by CEU’s Media Lab
Additional camera work provided by CEU student Biljana Puric
Photographs courtesy Velija Hasanbegović

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