Help rebuild Gazanfer-bey’s mosque in Visegrad

Image: Reconstruction of the Gazanfer-bey’s mosque in Visegrad started in late 2010. The first phase was completed in 2011.

Gazanfer-bey’s mosque in Visegrad was built in 1590. The mosque was vandalised by Chetnik forces in the Second World War, but was repaired after the war. A overall reconstruction was started in 1989. Just as it was completed – the mosque was dynamited and bulldozed by Serb forces in 1992. Until 2010 the area where the mosque stood was a park in the shape of a cross. In 2010, the Visegrad municipality finally allowed for the mosque to be reconstructed. The first phase of the recontruction has been completed but more funds are needed.

Donations for the mosque can be made to the Islamic Community representation office in Visegrad bank account:

Medzlis Islamske Zajednice Visegrad

SPARKASSE bank dd. 19904900055616-39


Image: The Gazanfer-bey’s mosque in Visegrad before 1992.

Image: The area where the mosque stood was a park for almost 18 years.

Video footage of the reconstruction efforts in 1989:

2 Responses to “Help rebuild Gazanfer-bey’s mosque in Visegrad”

  1. Abdulmajid Says:

    I’m glad that the Atik (or Gazanferija) Dzamija is being rebuilt. I’m at the same time saddened that they don’t faithfully rebuild it in the old style as I have seen at other places like Mostar, Stolac or even in Zvornik. The Magribija Dzamija in Sarajevo which had been burned to the ground now looks exactly as before, and it was rebuilt as you see it in old photographs, so why that artless form here? And who will come to pray in it? At Srebrenica, Janja and Kozarac there are Bosniaks living again; but how can they come back to Visegrad as long as the murderers of their loved ones are still free and bragging of the crimes they committed? Yet the Bosniaks of Visegrad have to come back! It’s their hometown as it was their ancestors’ hometown for almost 600 years and they can’t leave it to their enemies just like that. Only if Bosniaks are there in significant numbers can the ethnic cleansing be negated, but they must be careful that they aren’t led again like lambs to the slaughter. Indeed the Bonsian authorities must be engaged to protect them against all and any kinds of ethnonationalist violence.

  2. Abdulmajid Says:

    And what also saddens me to no end is that these people look so happy, so self-assured, especialy the kids, and they didn’t know that in the SANU memorandum at that same time the ideological bases for committing genocide against them were being laid and that Milan Lukic and the other willing henchmen of Greater Serbia probably were already looking at them and thinking of how someday soon they would waste them and rob them of all they had, and rape their small daughters…

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